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Social networks How to create an account in Menéame from the mobile application and the official website If you want to share and position information on the web Menéame is …

Social networks How to create an account in Menéame from the mobile application and the official website If you want to share and position information on the web Menéame is ...

If you want to share and position information on the web, Menéame is the site for you! Operating for about 15 years, it offers you the best dissemination services your stories and news. It has a voting system called Karma, the same one in which both registered users and those who do not yet have an account can actively participate, right?

By the way, Menéame did not lag behind with its design, but grew and evolved like any other social network. It currently has its official website and along with it own application. A new way to watch the news, share stories and original content is waiting for you!

Why is it important to have a Menéame account?

Creating an account in Menéame will ensure you two things, first, it will keep your mind about the new news according to your areas of interest, because it is the largest news community! Surely will keep you up to date with what’s going on in your environment.Make sure you create your account, be part of their chat, and shake the news so that other users don’t miss content as interesting or recreational as the one you’re reading.

The second thing that assures you will depend on whether you are a content or article creator and it will give you recognition, do not hesitate to use Menéame as one of the sites to position yourself, make sure that your content reaches thousands of people with this website, the exchange of information is its main goal, your talent and your visits will ensure the success.

What requirements should I put on the registration form?

To get your account, just enter Menéame, click sign in, create an 8-character username, email, and password (including uppercase, lowercase, and numbers), and finally read and accept conditions and Ready!

Another way to sign up is to sign in to your Twitter, Facebook or Google account, which is how easy you can be in this amazing community.

Is it possible to make money by creating content for Menéame?

One of the most common questions on the web is how to generate income from home, either for convenience or because no extra income is bad, Menéame for his presence is the perfect place to do projects related to written content, if you decide to take a risk and start creating interesting articles is ideal for you, it is a great challenge to use your words.

This page will help you spread your work, position yourself, collect votes and maintain positive karma! So then through AdSense you can generate money from your account by insuring your income. Similarly, you can earn money with other apps, including the TikTok Bonus, a new way to distract yourself and generate revenue.

Where can I download the Menéame mobile app?

The latest version of it is available in both Play Store and App Store, at the click of a button, you can enjoy the most remarkable news of the moment.

download mobile shake me

From the Play Store for Android

Enter your Play Store, locate the search engine, place Menéame and click the install button, wait for the download, and feel free to open it to find out and be part of that news community.

From the App Store for iOS

Go to the updated App Store and search for Menéame, give the option to get, install and start using. With one click you will have innovative information at your fingertips.

How do I generate money from my AdSense account?

The first step is to have an account at Google AdSense active, then sign in or sign up for Menéate, when you complete this step, you need to enter your AdSense account code in the appropriate box on the portal Shake, it will appear when you are in your profile and edit it. The performance of this money generation will depend on how consistent you are in running your ads and content.

What are the categories in which a news item can be evaluated?

One of the advantages of having an account in Menéame is the diversity of its content, the page has at your disposal a series of categories in which they appear: News, Science, Culture, Leisure, Politics and Technology, among others custom categories. According to the information contained, you will be able to classify your news and upload it by area.

In the same way, for those who perform organized searches on something specific, this method will be very helpful, to go directly to the information point without major difficulties in your search.