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Social Networking What is the size or measurement of profile and cover photos on LinkedIn?

Social Networking What is the size or measurement of profile and cover photos on LinkedIn?

Social networks are a support for almost any project today, it is difficult to know which is the best or most used social network, but in what it has professionals is about Linkedin has become one of the most popular.

Because, in addition to looking for a job in a professional way online, you can also offer work, it is a platform that has it everything when we talk about performance at workTherefore, it is important to have an excellent profile, because visual attraction is the first thing that attracts attention.

To have an unbeatable profile you need to add all certificates or diplomas to the profile and take the aptitude and aptitude tests, these are notes tricks that make you stand out, so if you’ve already done these tricks, you need to do this refine profile details with a well-placed image.

In order for your contacts added or imported from Facebook to Linkedin to see a good profile picture, you need to have at least a little knowledge about recommended size and what you could do to improve it.

What is the ideal size for a profile photo on Linkedin

It is essential to add a profile photo on this Linkedin platform, as it differs from other social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, is based on professional relationships and not in personal posts.

So it is necessary not only a profile photo, it is recommended that this profile photo is not very wide or high and a face is distorted enough, try to upload a photo that is not pixelated or blurry.

mobile with profile picture settings

You have already located your must photo adjust it to the following dimensions, 130 x 130 pixels is the recommended minimum, but we can take advantage of the maximum of pixels which is 400 x 400 here at a better size, better viewing and less blurring.

Since the profile picture is the first thing people notice, then if it is quite clear and objective will attract more credibility for your person, this is very important, do not let it overlook.

What is the ideal size for a LinkedIn cover

A profile photo is accompanied by information, ie by clicking on it you can view your profile With the information provided, then if you have already added an excellent profile photo, which is quite striking, it is very nice that when you enter users, they find themselves with a cover of the same quality.

The same thing happens with the settings, you need to upload the photo or image with the correct dimensions if the banner behind the profile is 1584 x 396 pixels, the visuals are the main thing for advertising.

Other sizes and recommendations

In this professional platform, publications of different types are made either with links or only with added images, then lor what differentiates a professional from a normal person is knowledge it has, so we’ll show you the recommended sizes for posts on this platform:

linkedin posts other dimensions

Images in post: When you make a post with your normal text; to which you need to add an image, the recommended size for this is 520 x 320 pixels.

Link and image posts: made in the content of your post with text and images; and in this case a link or a link changes slightly, so the recommended image size is 520 x 272 pixels.

Images on company pages: If you choose or have a company profile, your company logo should be 300 x 300 pixels in size and your banner should be 1584 x 396 pixels.

Images in LinkedIn ads: For ads you have a guide, but it’s still important to know that their ideal size is for general ads, they are 50 x 50 pixels in the Leaderboard type, it’s 728 x 90 pixels, and the wide skyscraper is 160 x600 pixels, and the default rectangular shape is 300 x 250 pixels. Success!.