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Social Networking What is Linkedin Talent Insights and what is it for? How it works

Social Networking What is Linkedin Talent Insights and what is it for?  How it works

Linkedin is the perfect social network in terms of work, only in the last year Linkedin has positioned itself as one of the most used social networks in the world due to the great need for employment in the population.

Jobs that do not require you to be there physically are becoming more common, the proof is that every day deserves more applications like Fiverr, which has the ability to provide jobs to millions of users through demand and supply generated through the platform, is awesome.

Every day it is more important to choose good to our staff, everything we need to hire and how to do it, the future employment of our workers is in our power, whether they are present in the company or work online.

Every person is very important when you work in a company and therefore must work like the tools of a watch you should not hire for hiring someone, on any platform, no matter what.

For example, one of the many platforms offered by Facebook (Facebook Dating, Facebook Gaming etc …) is its work platform, where we can find countless people who are free to hire, however this is not always good because we don’t know where they come from these workers, when the importance of knowing the past becomes crucial.

What is Linkedin Talent Insights and what is it for?

There is a way to have a better selection of your staff, this form can be used find it easier Your employees, because the algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and big data can find your ideal employee in a huge database.

Should I use Talent Insights from Linkedin?

Certainly yes, this advanced tool has come to revolutionize the search for candidates and that is why very important for recruitment, it is also available in several languages ​​(English, German, French, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish), and one of the main countries in the world that uses this popular tool is Spain.

In addition, it is convenient for everyone to avoid the long review line that consists of all employees needs to be reviewed manually, Likedin with the Talent Insights tool allows you to save this time and dedicate exclusively what you need.

How does it work?

This tool was created in 2017, but was not recognized until a year later, this artificial intelligence It allows you to easily analyze large amounts of data (such as employees) and provides great support to all types of organizations, making managing human talent extremely easy for them.

Not only can you manage your Linkedin messages, but now, you can do it directly don’t receive so many messages because you recruit the right staff.

These are some of the main and most outstanding features that Linkedin Talent Insights offers to its users:

  • Custom view for each user.
  • Filtered by your Linkedin skills
  • Level of commitment.
  • Ability to store reports in any type of format at any time.
  • Tracking and tracking talent, you can see what other companies have applied your future employees and decide with a greater knowledge advantage over your employee.

linkedin artificial intelligence big data

Advantages of using Linkedin Talent Insights

  • Better decision making: the ability to see the big picture will help you decide who is and who is not. (and who ever)
  • AI allows a better functioning of the Human Resources departments: Because thanks to the algorithms they present, you can observe the change of new employees with the help of better decisions you make.
  • Advantage over the competition: you can generate reports from any type of competition, which is why it will be extremely easy to analyze your competition and determine what you want from them or not.

Note: remember that using artificial intelligence like this they do not replace human talent necessary for the selection and analysis of information, this part will always be one of the most important for the proper functioning of your company and it should never be replaced.