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Social Networking What are LinkedIn InMail private messages and how do they work? – Definitive guide

Social Networking What are LinkedIn InMail private messages and how do they work?  - Definitive guide

Having a good network is important when extending your professional or business career in your company, when looking for new ways to do projects. That’s why there are social networks like LinkedIn, which favor communication between companies, professionals and the possibility to conclude offers which are beneficial to both parties.

In this article we will learn about a form of internal communication of the LinkedIn platform: InMail messages. We will talk about what they are and how they work, as well as the advantages of using them. In this way, we will try to better understand why you should hire this LinkedIn service that can help you a lot.

What are LinkedIn private emails?

Communication between users is something important for LinkedIn, which is why a free account only allows send messages between users who belong to the same network. In other words, they can only send messages to other professionals in their network. It is not possible to send a message to any user we want.

All this information can be obtained from LinkedIn help messages, in case you want to go deeper. InMail messages allow you Premium users you can send messages directly to another LinkedIn member, whether they are part of your network of contacts or not. As I said, this feature is only available to Premium users.

However, it does not necessarily allow you to send messages to any other member. This may be the case for the member you have configured your messages in order not to receive any from anyone.

On the other hand, only LinkedIn InMail messages accept 200 characters in the subject and 2000 characters in the main text. This allows other users who receive messages to have an accurate and concise reading of anything you want to communicate to them.

How does LinkedIn Private InMail work?

By having a Premiem account on LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to have certain advantages that allow you to grow faster on the platform. One of them is to be able to send InMail messages to all users who are not in your contact list, whether or not they are in your network. You can even hire the function Open the Premium profile and receive messages from all members, if you wish.

On the other hand, InMail messages have a limited amount of credits. These are the ones that allow you to send messages to other accounts. These are calculated based on the monthly subscription you have on the platform and you can’t buy more than LinkedIn assigns you.

To send an InMail message to LinkedIn, just follow these steps:

  • Find the profile of the LinkedIn member you want to send.
  • press the button Which add… on the business card.
  • Choose Posts in the menu.
  • Fill in the subject field, if.
  • In the text box, type the message to send.
  • the press send.

How do you benefit from purchasing LinkedIn Premium and its InMail messages?

In order to wait for a job offer from a company looking for our services, we need to have our profile as as completely as possible. We need to start this by adding courses, certificates and diplomas to our LinkedIn profile, then there are other paid ways to be more attractive.

messages sent to other members

Another free way to expand your network of contacts is by importing them from all your social networks to have more registered professionals. This is another way to increase the veracity of your profile besides making it attractive. However, an easier way to effectively improve your network is by using InMail messages.

Sending messages will always be the best communication tool between two parties, so by being able to send messages to more reputable members, it will help you increase your profile. In the same way, the possibility of sending private messages to other professionals opens the door to find better job offers.

It’s important to know how to manage and manage your messages on LinkedIn in order to have control over them different contacts you intend to establish. I hope this information has been of great help to you.