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Social Networking How to unsubscribe or unsubscribe from a LinkedIn Premium account

Social Networking How to unsubscribe or unsubscribe from a LinkedIn Premium account

In many platforms, the option to buy a subscription is presented and thus they have functionalities that have many advantages when you use it. That’s why we find paid Premium accounts that offer better opportunities when looking for work, in the case of LinkedIn. However, sometimes, out of necessity, we have to reduce costs, from here unsubscribe It is the most logical thing to do.

In this article we will explain how to unsubscribe or unsubscribe from a LinkedIn Premium account. You will see that it is a simple process, however we will also mention the various benefits of this social network to get a job, as well as to expand your network of contacts.

How do I cancel my Premium subscription on LinkedIn?

If after realizing what you are about to lose in the face cancel your LinkedIn Premium account You still want to cancel it, just follow these steps to do this:

  • You will enter the LinkedIn portal to log in later.
  • You will search icon «I» which is on the top right of the LinkedIn homepage. It should be next to the profile picture or a silhouette, you will click on it.
  • A menu will be displayed in which you will select «Premium subscription settings».
  • You will access the section «Manage your Premium account» which is on the right, look for «Unsubscribe» and click.
  • Confirm, and that’s it!

It may not appear Cancellation option, in this case we will have to access in another way:

  • You will click on the icon «I» and then on «Access Premium».
  • Then the name of the contracted version will appear and we will have to click on it «Unsubscribe».
  • We confirm the cancellation.

In case so nor can it be annulled, we can also try the following:

  • After clicking «I» we will go to «Premium subscription settings».
  • On the right, we will click «Billing Information» where we will click «Manage payment methods».
  • We will have to enter the password again, then choose the card we use to pay for the subscription and click on the button «Close».
  • This will cause an error message that will lead us to «Manage your account» where we will have to search for the name of our Premium plan and click on «Unsubscribe».
  • Then we press «Keep going» and we need to specify why we unsubscribe.
  • We also confirm voila!

Either way, you may unsubscribe from your Premium account from your LinkedIn account. However, the benefits that LinkedIn Premium offers are worth it to be employed for at least a long time.

Better organize your LinkedIn account

Whatever your reason for canceling your Premium subscription, it’s best to take what you already have and easily improve it. Remember that you simply lose the functionality of your account, however, your network of contacts remains intact as before, so you have the same reputation.

It’s always a good idea to make your contact list periodically and delete or delete those you don’t have contact with or who never contribute anything new. In this way, you will have better control over your account. and who can see what you post.

resume on linkedin

Similarly, if you have your Basic or Premium account, it won’t make a difference if you don’t know how to search and find work effectively on LinkedIn. That’s why you should always stay informed and trained for anything. In the same way, having a Premium account it stimulates you faster to get the job you want so much

What is the waiver of the cancellation of the Premium subscription?

Mainly, Premium features are disabled, such as send InMail messages to other members and you won’t even know which users visited your profile. Also, you will not be able to see Premium offers and ads in addition to the fact that the credits you have accumulated are non-refundable.

If your case is that of an employer, there are other pages to post free jobs, such as LinkedIn. It is always good to use Premium features a better experience within the platform, and thus take full advantage of the opportunities presented to us.