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Social Networking How to manage and manage my LinkedIn messages – Tutorial

Social Networking How to manage and manage my LinkedIn messages - Tutorial

Social networks have evolved from the beginning of the last decade to become a daily use service in order to connect with all corners of the world and keep us up to date with our particular interests, offering the opportunity to have conversations with all kinds of people just a click away.

What started as a messaging and entertainment service in order to connect with remote knowledge and create a connection with others through the exchange of interests, has evolved to become a tool in which you can post job offers. free of charge promoting digital marketing and social change through a simple platform.

Through a tool like LinkedIn you can easily search and find a job, connecting with other people and companies to promote your work skills, to create projects with other people to stand out so that the doors of the world of work open according to your tastes and abilities.

Given the fact that we are in an increasingly digital society, in which everyone the processes are carried out electronically, Adding courses, certificates, and diplomas to a LinkedIn profile is necessary to create a digital person to serve as your presentation image to streamline your job search process.

Thanks to constant technological advances, it is possible to use the social network LinkedIn on Android through Google Play, so that you can use these services without the need for a computer, making it more comfortable to use, because mobile phones are more common today. computers ease of transport of the same.

LinkedIn is currently professional social network the most popular in the world with over 300 million users, which is why it is absolutely necessary to create a profile in the application to adapt to the direction in which the company is heading. With that in mind, today’s article will teach you how to manage and manage LinkedIn messages in one easy tutorial.

Manage and manage messages on LinkedIn

Tracking private messages on LinkedIn is essential for do not lose job opportunities which are presented at this time, so that you can keep in touch with other users at any time without any inconvenience. Like an e-mail box, the LinkedIn message box is essential.

Within the application you can enter settings and privacy to determine your parameters. private messages, sorting them into three different types: InMail messages, sponsored messages, and Open Profile.

InMail messages are a feature that is included in premium plans for the application, which consists of the ability to send messages to people who are not in your LinkedIn contact network, these messages have a limit of 2000 characters.

Sponsored messages are those paid messages to promote users or services To promote their coverage, to improve the user experience, these messages are usually about the offers you are in.

Also open profile messages InMail is a feature of Premium plansThey allow users to connect with other non-premium users on the social network.

The importance of managing your mailbox on LinkedIn

Keeping your inbox organized is essential for prevent the accumulation of unnecessary messages or finished conversations, which can take up space inside the tray and prevent other more important messages from being found quickly.

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Such that keeping the tray organized You can increase your productivity when you manage your contacts, and you can keep up to date with all the contacts you want to establish a working relationship with, which you might not otherwise notice because of the visual noise that a tray full of contacts can cause. unnecessary messages.

Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly clean your inbox to avoid such storage issues. Ordering is the first step to professional success, especially in digital platforms such as LinkedIn where you should always pay attention to any updates that could completely change your professional landscape.