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Smartsheet tips and tricks

Smartsheet tips and tricks

Have you ever used a spreadsheet to keep track of a project by emailing updated versions to your team members to keep them up to date? Of course.

This simple fact, the popularity of spreadsheets for project management, is Reason to be from Smart sheet , a kind of improved online computing application. Smartsheet adds collaboration tools such as in-app communications, push notifications, and flexible document sharing to the standard row and column interface, functions, and formulas.

Smartsheet is also not limited to viewing spreadsheets. Those who prefer to manage projects with Gantt charts, Kanban books or a calendar can also work in those interfaces. But, as the name suggests, in its depths it still has an orientation of the row and the column, with the tasks to be completed in rows and the information about them (assignments, deadlines, etc.) in columns.

View Smartsheet spreadsheetJake Widman / IDG

Smartsheet views project management primarily through a spreadsheet, with rows for tasks to be completed and columns for details such as tasks, milestones, and more. (Click on the image to enlarge it).

There are many different ways to use Smartsheet, depending on your needs and unique workflow. (Usually, there are even more ways to do something special.) I asked some experienced Smartsheet users to share their favorite tips and techniques. From setting up your sheets to using them to share information, these tips can help you get started with Smartsheet or take it to the next level.