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Sliding door latch

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the sliding doors are closed with a special type of screw. In this post you will find all the information you need to know about sliding door locks.

What are sliding door locks?

sliding door locks They are a type of pin that is intended to serve as a lock.

sliding glass door lock

At first these screws worked with a simple mechanical system: a latch that slid and locked, but today these screws have evolved in such a way that it is possible to find some with very complex and complete mechanisms. If you also need to change your mailbox lock, we encourage you to read our related article.

Why do sliding doors need special locks?

You may already know that usi glisante These are the most insecure of all that exist and can be easily forced and violated, even by an inexperienced perpetrator in doors and locks.

In fact, sometimes you do not need special tools to open this type of sliding door. The perpetrators only need a minimum level of cunning and common sense to open them.

exterior sliding door lock

For this reason, they must be locked with screws to keep the sliding door closed and your family, belongings and belongings safe.

Because we care about the safety of you and your family, before we give you more details about the types of sliding door locks and talk about their features, benefits and benefits, we want to warn you about the vulnerabilities of the sliding door. , so you can correct them.

The most common vulnerabilities of sliding doors

These are the weaknesses on which most sliding doors come from the factory:

Sliding door locks are weak

This is no secret to anyone. Even homeowners with no experience in locksmithing know that the latches that come with most sliding doors are of poor quality.

wooden sliding door lockWooden sliding door lock

Scammers know this and it is a weakness that they take full advantage of and exploit.

The solution in this case is installation good quality sliding door latches, which we will talk about later.

The location of the sliding door favors the authors

Quite a bit is said about this, but if we take into account that most sliding doors are located at real estate fund or in a arranged sideWe have that they are ideal places for criminals to force and enter them without the neighbors or the inhabitants of the property noticing.

Those in favor of security will choose to install rooms or anti-theft systems more complicated such as: alarms or motion sensors.

sliding door lockSliding door latch

Although all these methods are very good, the solution is simpler and sometimes involves putting a good special lock for sliding doors.

Sliding doors are translucent and expose all your belongings and belongings

There is nothing more appealing to a perpetrator than knowing what valuables are on the other side. That robbers can see from the outside everything they can take once they force the sliding door lock is an incentive.

aluminum sliding door lock

This is a detail that cannot be solved just by changing the screw and installing a high security one. Although some owners do not mind that the sliding door is translucent and allows you to see everything inside the house, others are in favor of putting blinds, curtains, smoking glass or putting a film that impedes visibility.

Although we must say that the door is not translucent will not make it more secure, all you need is to put some good locks.

They are easy to force and break

Locks and screws aside, sliding doors are quite easy to force and completely destroy. All it takes is a solid, blunt object to knock down the glass.

aluminum sliding door lockAluminum sliding door lock

Not to mention that sliding door frames, in most cases, are made of aluminum or malleable materials.

Sliding door locks

You already know that these are the easiest doors to force, but that this does not mean that we cannot increase their level of security.

The best way to make a sliding door safer is to install a good screw. Here are the best sliding door locks:

Pressure latch for sliding doors and windows

This is one of the safest sliding door locks. If you own one usa francaza Surely you already know all the types of locks and screws that are available for this type of doors.

We have to say that this is not the typical type of mortar that comes with sliding doors. In addition to its unconventional design, it offers a high level of security and protection.

Apart from the minimalist and solid design: where the screws are not exposed, which makes forcing difficult, is distinguished by the way it is installed imperceptible From outside. Anyone would think the door doesn’t have a lock.

sliding door lockSliding door lock

It opens and closes with a key, which makes it not only a lock, but also a complete and complex locks for sliding doors. The locking mechanism consists of four steel screws high power.

Central lock with key for sliding door

Signature Zhi jin has developed a type of screw that is installed in the center of the two leaves of the door and is perfect for raising the security level of any house that has an exterior sliding door.

It works with a wrench and can be installed directly on the glass.

Horizontal latch for sliding doors

The classic lock for sliding doors is the horizontal lock, which is usually fixed with six screws. It works with a pin and incorporates a simple locking system that locks the recoil of the pin bar.

Hasp with double buckle

This buckle latch is widely used on interior sliding doors (such as bathrooms, cabinets or cabinets) or sliding windows.

They have a simple locking system and are therefore usually installed in pairs.