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Sign up and activate Jumbo Prime for free shipping ✓ 【2021】

Sign up and activate Jumbo Prime for free shipping ✓ 【2021】

Supermarket Jumbo It has an application and a web platform with which we can make purchases with home delivery or in-store pickup. Some time ago you implemented an option called Jumbo Prime, which allows you to have a free shipping for a specified period and then make a monthly payment to qualify for 6 months of free shipping. Do you want to register and activate Jumbo Prime?, here we will explain everything you need to know.

Subscribe to Jumbo Prime

Have Jumbo Prime It is quite simple and consists of free trial shipments for 15 days free of charge, after which a monthly fee of USD 25,000 is charged, which will include 6 months of benefits, which includes unlimited free shipping, double accumulation of points cencosud and exclusive offers for applicants.

Registering in this Jumbo program is quite simple, you should know that there are two methods, one that can be completed through the Jumbo application, because when we open the application immediately appears a message indicating about this new option we have, or you can also do it from the web, below we will explain the steps to follow so we can subscribe Jumbo Prime and enjoy the benefits.

Free delivery Jumbo Prime

  1. Connect to Jumbo Prime
  2. Fill out the registration form
  3. Accept the terms and conditions, then in the captcha and continue
  4. Add your credit card information, a $ 50 fee will be charged for validation, after which it will be returned
  5. Ready! you already have Jumbo Prime.

You should know that the card you provided will be connected to your Jumbo account, it is important that in order to register in Jumbo Prime you use the same registration data in both accounts, so that they are automatically connected and all the advantages which we have already mentioned will be generated.

Activate your Jumbo Prime account

It is also important to know that after 15 days the collection has passed immediately $ 25,000, without prior notice, so if you do not wish to be part of this subscription, you must do so overwrites Jumbo Prime before the billing date, all you have to do is do it the day before.

Jumbo Prime It’s a great option to have free shipping during the trial period, as it’s generally worth $ 3,990, clearly depending on your location, but in any case it’s a great benefit, especially for people who want to receive the goods at your doorstep without having to go to one of Jumbo’s branches.

The Jumbo application is excellent, not only because of the variety of products we can find, but also because of the speed of their delivery, because they are usually on the same day, although also depending on the time when they could be scheduled. for the first hour of the next day.

Do you have questions or problems with your Jumbo Prime subscription? Leave us a comment and we will help you solve it as soon as possible.