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Show me on Tinder enabled

activar descubrimiento en tinder

Over the last few days, I’ve received a few concerns about Tinder, which is pretty much the same and whose headlines are: Tinder doesn’t show me the profile and How to enable discovery on Tinder. Well, in the following article on RecursosPrá called: Show me on Tinder enabled will allow anyone with these types of concerns or doubts to activate their existing Tinder account disabled for a pause they made or for a configuration they don’t know how to change, and in this way, they can reappear in profile slides (Discover) and see other Tinder users.

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Show me on Tinder enabled | STEP 1: Enter Tinder

The first thing to do is enter your Tinder account in its web version (phone number or email) or simply by opening the Tinder app on your mobile phone and logging in.enter the Tinder web

Show me on Tinder enabled | STEP 2: Go to Settings

Once connected TinderYou need to click on the gray profile icon (top left) and then click on the icon «settings”.

set up your Tinder account

Show me on Tinder enabled | STEP 3: Activate the profile on Tinder

Now, in this section of “settings«Scroll down to the section or option called:»Show me Tinder«And here, they will move the ball to the right and in doing so, their Tinder profile will be activated and from now on, they will start showing their Tinder profile to other users.

I ate show me on activated Tinder

Show me on Tinder enabled | STEP 4: Drag the profiles again

Once the profile activation process is complete, all you have to do is press «Good”Which is in the top right and with that, they will touch the Tinder profile and then they will be able to drag the profiles on Tinder again and to do that, they will simply click on the fire icon (discover) and appear in section to drag profiles on Tinder.

show me activated Tinder

With this article, show me activated Tinder They will be able to drag profiles to Tinder again, and have their profile appear to other Tinder users.