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Should you try a breastfeeding tracking app?

Should you try a breastfeeding tracking app?

We all know that breastfeeding is best for most children, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Babies need a lot of food, and if you are breastfeeding, this means that your little one will spend a lot of time breastfeeding, and feeding your baby is a lot of work that can be confusing and overwhelming. To make things easier, many companies offer a variety of products and virtual tools related to breastfeeding.

One tool, in particular, that is becoming increasingly popular among new parents is lactation trackers. Designed to provide you with a single source to track all your information, as well as other related features, such as breastfeeding tips and other resources, breastfeeding tracking devices allow you to record and monitor time spent breastfeeding , how often your baby is fed, from which breast they were last fed and much more.

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The advantages of a lactation tracker

Either it is new to breastfeeding or for baby number four, being a mother requires a lot of time and organization. No matter how well you prepare to cope with the demands of breastfeeding (and exhaustion of parents), it will often be when you forget what breast your baby last fed or when he ate. Not always being sure of these healthcare details is not the end of the world, but it can cause unnecessary worries and stress.

Instead of developing your brain trying to remember everything you did during the day or even a few hours ago, these breastfeeding tracking apps help you eliminate the guesses of monitoring your baby’s feeding.

Breastfeeding tracking apps give you the freedom and ease to easily monitor all the things you are breastfeeding, pumping and feeding.

Some apps even come with additional features, such as diaper trackers, stopwatches, charts, and charts, as well as the ability to share data with family members, doctors, and caregivers.

There are many breastfeeding applications available, which means you should be able to find the perfect one that suits your needs. To help you choose the best one for you, here are seven of the best breastfeeding tracking apps available for iOS and Android.

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker app

application Breastfeeding for babies for Android and iOS not only helps you keep track of breastfeeding sessions, but also gives you a place to record information about diaper changes, doctor visits, sleep, height, weight and more. Other features include a stopwatch, breastfeeding progress, diaper changes, growth and more. If you want to monitor how your baby is fed in certain locations, you can also track where the feeding takes place. In addition, the app gives you the unlimited ability to add photos, sound and video to record how your baby grows and develops.

Baby Tracker application

application Baby Tracker for Android and iOS is designed by busy parents who understand exactly what you need to make your life easier. The application includes a lactation timer which tracks breastfeeding and total information for full breastfeeding sessions, formula or breast milk settings, sleep schedules, diaper changes, a medical history record, such as medications and vaccinations, and a place to keep landmarks, such as the first tooth and the smile. Share them with caregivers and loved ones over the phone or download it as a spreadsheet and print it out.

Breastfeeding application – Baby Tracker

application Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker for Android follows breastfeeding and much more. The breastfeeding tracker is free and includes tracking of time, quantity, the side of the chest and other foods. After collecting enough data, the app will also display your typical breastfeeding time. There are several add-on options that you can purchase to make this application multifunctional.

To express mothers, the application allows you to record and analyze the time and amount of pumping. It also comes with a sleep tracker, a measuring tracker and a place where you can watch daily events such as bathing and diapers.

Pump Log application

Moms who exclusively pump milk will love this iOS breast pump tracking app. application Pump log comes with exclusive features of pump, including a built-in timer, a place to keep track of the ounces you pump and the ability to send you a reminder that it’s time to pump. It also allows you to track daily averages and record freezer storage, as well as estimate the expiration date of expressed milk.

In the information section, you can find all kinds of tips on how to increase the amount of milk and what to look for when it is time to adjust the time or frequency of pumping sessions.

Baby Feeding Journal app

If you need a simple but effective lactation tracker with a stopwatch, the application is worth checking out Baby feeding diary for iOS. Record information about breastfeeding sessions, hours and amounts of bottle feeding, nap, diapers and more.

The Baby Feeding Log application allows you to email a spreadsheet to your doctor or caregiver, giving them access to the feeding log, making it much easier for newborns to meet.

Feed Baby app

popular application Feed the baby for Android and iOS it is perfect to keep track of the eating habits of children and young children. This app allows you to track a variety of feeds, such as breastfeeding, bottle feeding, solids and pumping. Take a look at your daily activities through the «Today» screen to see how many healthcare sessions you’ve completed and how many are left. You can even sync data with another device for sharing and tracking data with a partner or caregiver.

If you want even more details, you can break it down by hour on the «Timeline» screen. This app also has a place to record medications, diapers, sleep and solids. Also, if you install Feed Baby Pro, you have the option to keep track of two children, which is a bonus if you have twins.

Baby Manager application

application Baby manager for Android and iOS is a complete tool that not only allows you to keep track of all your feeding data, but also offers the option to share data with your partner in just four seconds. This useful feature allows both parents to participate in the feeding program. Watch breastfeeding sessions, sleeping hours, diapers, growing up, meals and moods (for both mother and baby).

The «reports» screen gives you access to all your daily activities and helps you recognize your baby’s feeding patterns.

A word from Verywell

While there are some universal truths about breastfeeding Because breast milk is the perfect food for your baby, in the end the breastfeeding experience is unique to you. If wearing a tracker helps you stay in the program and reduce stress, then it’s worth doing. But if continuous monitoring and data connection to an application causes you anxiety, then a breastfeeding application may not be useful. Instead, you can relax knowing that following your gut and the telltale sign of breastfeeding success – a trace of dirty diapers – usually work as well. good.