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Security locks for security doors

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The cover » Safety locks for emergency doors

Emergency doors are essential to ensure security, whether it is a business unit or a public place where a large number of people pass. A variety of systems are used, such as rim locks.

In this case, we are not just talking about security to keep those inside safe, but to make sure that those who want to leave can do so immediately.

panic bar with lockLockable panic bar

It usually happens that when we visit a mall, store, supermarket or building, we enter and exit without problems through the main doors.

What if there is a fire or accident that keeps the front doors locked?

Yes, you have to go to the forgotten emergency doors.

Emergency doors that are placed in strategic places so that users can get out safely, either from a burning building or from another type of accident.

the prices of security locks for doors

Therefore when emergency doors It all means that locks play a critical role.

security locks for emergency doors or panic bars, as they are also known, their premise is to let people out of a space quickly and efficiently in case of emergency. No need:

  • Folding handles
  • Turn the knobs
security bars for house doorsSecurity bars for house doors

These are two of the premises that are taken into account when it comes to a emergency door lock.

If you own a business, you must have one emergency door for any eventuality, because it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of those within your unit in case something bad happens.

Features of emergency door security locks

Better known as panic bars or emergency door bars, is a horizontal bar that is at a height of 90 cm.

  • This is characterized by that it has no handle or button to rotate, although its mechanism works like a handle.

However, it has a the bar arranged horizontally which activates when pushed out, unlocking the latch so that the door opens.

security locks for doors
  • Something usual emergency doorsOf course, it usually comes, everyone has to open to the outside, so it does not prevent people from leaving.
  • emergency door locks They can be easily opened only from the inside, some depending on the area in which they are located, can only be opened from the outside with a key.
  • In other cases emergency doors it does not block the passage in both directions and can be opened from the outside.
  • emergency locks or security bars are also used in fire doors, doors that are designed to prevent the spread of smoke and fire in other spaces.

How to install security locks for emergency doors

security locks for emergency doors or panic bars They have a simple mechanism, and the installation of this type of locks is not complicated at all.

security gatesSecurity gates

Therefore, here we will show you how to install a security door lock:

  • Measure and mark with a pencil the height at which emergency door lock.
  • The respective holes for the lock are open, with the help of a drill and a wide piece, some emergency doors already come with the holes ready for the installation of the lock.
  • locking handle on the outside of the door and screws are placed to fix it.
  • Inside the door is one of the «handles» or trigger mechanism from panic bar.
  • Then, with a graphite pencil, mark the place where the screws of the mechanism will go.
  • With the holes marked, the mechanism is drilled and placed, with the help of a screwdriver the screws are placed to leave the first mechanism ready.
  • After finishing with the first mechanism, the width of the bar is measured and the space in which the second handle will go is marked with graphite, it is drilled with the drill and the screws are placed so that the mechanism is fixed.
security screwsSecurity locks
  • Now all you have to do is install the horizontal bar, for this, we insert it in one of the mechanisms and leave the screws free. (In a moment we will fix them well).
  • When we try to put the bar in the remaining mechanism, we will not be able, because it will be very tight and will not be able to enter, to solve the problem, we just need to remove one of the screws from the mechanism and open a little so that the bar can enter.
  • Now yes, all the screws are in place to secure the bar and, of course, the screw that was removed from the mechanism.
  • Handle gaskets or mechanism, putting little pressure on them or if they are cuts, they require screws to be placed and ready.

In this way, the emergency door lock is locked, all that remains is to test that it works normally and that’s it.

panic bar with lockLockable panic bar

Things you need to know about locks and emergency doors

  • An emergency door and a lock can never have a reinforcement to provide security to the spaces.
  • Padlocks, chains or any other type of element that prevents quick access to the exit may not be placed on it.
  • Locking mechanisms, such as emergency door locks, last much longer than other mechanisms, and although they are installed to make a space safer and to protect those inside it, if installed one of them, you can save some money in the long run.
security locks
  • There is also panic bars with two leaves, used in double security doors, they allow several people to leave at the same time in case of emergency.
  • If you are the owner of a restaurant, shop or commercial premises, you are obliged to place emergency doorsThis way, you save your problems and in case of an accident, everyone is favored.
  • security locks for emergency doors should be easy to open, such as panic bars, which open easily when pushed out.
  • Do not forget, do not lock and never lock an emergency door, they must be free and nothing can prevent the mechanism from working normally.