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Search for the landline number by first and last name

Search for the landline number by first and last name

If you want to search for a landline number by first and last name, now you can. Before, there was almost no technology for information exploration and locating fixed numbers was a rather difficult task.

When the first smartphones appeared, the landline phone was not used as much. To be honest, to communicate with a person is preferable call a cell phone rather than locating a landline by person number.

In fact, calling a landline phone becomes the last option of all, even social networks can be more productive.

But depending on the type of call (for example, to a company), it is important to know the landline, in fact knowing who is calling is vital, especially in cases of telephone spam.

So, in this article you will know all the methods to know how to find a fixed number, regardless of the operator (Jazztel, Movistar, Orange, Yoigo, Vodafone …)

How to find a landline number – the previous situation

Who doesn’t remember searching through the white or yellow pages of a giant notebook?

These catalogs of thousands of records included only the fixed ones, nothing more. Now, any directory includes mobile device, web, social networks, etc.

Even sometimes, the phones written in the phone book were not even well written and did not correspond to that person.

When you didn’t know the person’s full name or address, it was an odyssey to find his phone number, if not impossible.

Now this has changed and much of the information has been digitized on the internet and made public sometimes look for a landline by first and last name, although not all portals will give you what you are looking for.

Search your phone for your first and last name on the Internet

search your mobile phone for first and last name online

Thanks to the internet, information is circulating among users and now more than ever users fill in forms with their personal data on platforms to enter:

  • Digital newspaper
  • Social networks
  • Forums
  • Other types of pages

In fact, more than 85% of people write their phone in any contact box, so WhatsApp is also available.

For this reason, depending on the online directory you are researching, it can give you almost all the data of a person.

Here are some of the facts you’ll find:

  • Search for landline by first and last name
  • Find out what your ID number is
  • Find a private or hidden phone number
  • Locate the landline number by name
  • Find out the phone number by first and last name
  • Search for the phone by address
  • You know whose fixed number it is
  • Other options

Basically, you can search for landline, mobile and any device that has a key or voice dialing.

Here are some of the directories you can search for:

Types of online directories

There are hundreds of directories online that will allow you to locate landlines by name, although not everything works.

There are many who just want to enter your personal information, such as first name, last name, phone number, email address and other information … but Shouldn’t you want to find a phone?

You should also keep in mind that directories that are a few years old may not be up to date and many people have changed their data.

Regardless, of course, the amount of spam that exists on the network. That’s why we’ve selected several directories that still have updated data to date.

Now you can track your mobile phone with different methods.

White Pages – Locate your landline number

We talked before that it was on paper, but the white pages are also online, so we can find a landline and more additional data.

It is now owned by the Yellow Pages company, so in addition to your phone number, you have your address, company, full address, email address, website (if any), zip code, associations and other very useful additional information.

The information it contains is quite reliable, you just have to try to use it and you will make the large number of records it contains in its telephone database.

Find a landline in the QDQ guide

find a landline number

The QDQ directory is very useful if you want to find the fixed number of a large or small corporation.

It is famous because it contains hundreds of records of businesses, SMEs and companies that register by filling out the forms.

There is an interesting section called white, where you can search for the landline number by first and last name in case you need it.

This portal has several quality certificates, so companies register without problems. What we mean is that the information is true.

ABC phones

The ABCteléfonos directory also offers you the possibility to search for a company or a landline number, it even provides you with a search filter by the exact address.

Its database is constantly growing and is considered a quality portal to search for a phone number by name, you will find any landline if you set it right.

In this portal are registered:

  • Institutions
  • shops
  • October
  • Public organization
  • Companies
  • People
  • Services
  • address

This platform is available in 4 languages, imagine the number of telephone records it has …

Find a landline with Google

find your google phone number

Without a doubt, Google is the king of search engines, in fact, it is the most used in the world. There are also others such as Yandex (Russia) or Baidu (China) that use other algorithms, but with similar functions.

Did you know that each search is unique and that data is stored in cookies to know the user’s preferences?

Have you ever had Google suggest searches that you have in mind?

All this is due to the amount of data you have about each person. For this reason, you have the option of find a landline number or search directly for a landline by typing it in the box.

There are several options for doing this if you can’t find what you’re looking for:

  • «In quotes»: If you type a term (in this case a landline) in quotation marks, the search will be accurate and will give you the results of that landline.
  • Full name: if you don’t know the numbers write the name, first in quotation marks and then normal.
  • Direction: You can search for a landline by address, if you know it
  • Other data of interest: You can know the person’s school or university, current job, etc.

Search for social media phone numbers

Who is not on social networks today?

The most well-known and used social network is Facebook, in fact, it is the platform where users fill in more personal data.

Not surprisingly, Facebook has had lawsuits for privacy theft, taking the test, going to a profile and accessing the Information tab. From there you can get:

  • You have friends
  • Birth
  • Any marital status that exists
  • Landline and mobile phone
  • Full address
  • If you have a linked fan page
  • Personal site or blog

Not all users fill in all the fields, but you might be surprised at the amount of privacy that people post.

In addition, Facebook has its own search algorithm, all you have to do is go to the top box and search for a landline number by first and last name.

searching the phone number with facebook

Not only can you search for landline numbers, you’ll also find the filter for:

  • Contact:
  • Community
  • Groups
  • Fan pages[/su_list]

It must also be said that Facebook had to revise its data privacy policy to protect the user. You may be lucky the first time you find someone’s phone, but more and more users are protecting their profiles and tending to turn on the option for only their friends to see their profile information.

A phone number search does not always work due to the protection of online security.

Now, this can be done by you to protect your privacy.

How to hide your phone number and other personal data?

Take the test, search your landline, mobile, name or address on Google or Facebook.

You may be surprised to see that you appear in the directory and anyone can publicly access your personal information for free.

How to disappear from records?

Although complicated, you have several options:

Facebook: protect your profile settings> Privacy

Google: there’s a form to ask Google to remove your personal information,

Forums or websites: If you appear in a directory or web portal, simply try to connect with the webmaster to remove your data. Most of the time it will work.

Social networks you don’t use: Delete the profile first, and if it doesn’t disappear completely, contact support to delete it permanently.

With this information, you can already search for a landline number by first and last name in seconds.

You must remember that in order to find out a phone number by name and surname, you must exhaust all the possibilities mentioned in this article.

It should be noted that each country has data recording entities in which it stores all the information of registered users, sometimes they can display this information to the user and sometimes they can be consulted only with the prior consent.

Here are some interesting places to look for a fixed number of people in Colombia and Peru:

Columbia phone book

Peru mobile phone directory