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Seagate Business Storage 4-Bay NAS Review

Seagate Business Storage 4-Bay NAS Review

Installation is quick. Seagate’s Discovery tool finds the device on the network and provides mapping of shared folders with local drive letters. The drive comes with all four Barracuda drives in a RAID5 array, but you can opt for mirrors or stripes.

The main web interface is slow but easy to navigate, and the device can use its own local user database or integrate with an Active Directory domain for access security. It supports CIFS, NFS, FTP and AFP, and you can create file-based iSCSI targets on the same volume. If you want block-based targets, you need to create a separate RAID volume.

Backup functions are good. The device can act as a Time Machine target and create scheduled backup jobs to copy the selected shares to another Seagate NAS device. Jobs can also be created to copy data to and from an external USB device or from the USM slot. A ten-user license for Seagate BlackArmor Backup 2011 is included for Windows workstation backup.

Seagate Business Storage NAS 4-Bay

This is where he starts to make mistakes. You can get remote access to your device through the global access service, but the features are far from Synology and Qnap.

The device also has low power. Drag-and-drop copies of a 2.52 GB video clip had reduced read and write speeds of 78 MB / sec and 35 MB / sec. The FTP speed with FileZilla was only slightly faster, and copying the file to and from a share on a Seagate Backup Plus drive in the USM slot gave even slower read and write rates of 57 MB / sec and 43 MB / sec. MB / sec.

Business storage is good value for money – you won’t find a 16-TB four-compartment device for less. Recovery is poor performance and too few features.

Basic specifications


RAID capacity


Ethernet ports

USB connection?



16.00 TB
160 x 254 x 208 mm (width)