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Scunthorpe «Best Business City in the UK»

Scunthorpe "Best Business City in the UK"

Scunthorpe is the most accepted digital city in the UK, according to Google research.

The search giant ranked cities in Europe based on the role that the Internet has played in growth. Google claims that the results showed the importance of the Internet for cities outside major European cities and that the Internet is propelling small businesses into unlikely hotspots.

«The results have been fascinating and surprising,» said Ben Novick, Google’s communications manager for Europe. «The smallest, most extravagant and bravest peoples have come forward. Scunthorpe, a steel town in the north of England, has topped the UK list. «

Google said it ranked thousands of cities in the UK, France, Italy and Poland based on the growth of small businesses that have used AdWords over the past year, showing how the web is driving the growth of both large and small businesses.

«It is often assumed that big cities benefit the most from the Internet, but we believe that the Internet offers huge opportunities for everyone, from city dwellers to small town dwellers, farmers and nature lovers. In the remote countryside,» Novak said. «These awards recognize the areas that have made the most of the web’s potential in the last year.

Other UK cities selected by the company were Frome, St Austell, Penrith, Dover, Hartlepool and Carlisle.