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Schedule the time at the ZARA store to queue ✓ 【2021】

Schedule the time at the ZARA store to queue ✓ 【2021】

zara It is one of the busiest stores in the malls, so during pandemics it was essential to maintain an organization in order to enter the store, avoiding congestion on the outskirts of the premises. In some malls it is possible schedule a visit to the Zara store, and here we will explain the steps you need to take schedule a visit to Zara.

Schedule a visit to Zara

This store is one of the most popular in various malls where it is located and has clothing, accessories and footwear for men, women and children and it is even possible to find pet clothes in some centers.

The quality and variety of Zara clothing is what attracts the public the most, in addition we must clarify that you can buy very good quality clothing at a very good price, compared to other stores that sell clothing with similar characteristics.

Schedule an hour directly at zara It is not possible, because at the moment the store has not implemented it, so it is not possible to book a visit to the store to avoid waiting in line.

Book time at the Zara store

Unfortunately, the store managers did not implement a scheduling system, so we are forced to wait in line to enter the store.

In any case, there are various possibilities that could help us, such as direct programming in the Mall Plaza, known as «Virtual line«For this, a QR code is scanned at the periphery of the store, you schedule the visit with the appropriate data and once it’s your turn you can approach the store and make the entrance without having made the line personally.

If the store you are going to does not allow Mall Plaza “Virtual Row” and there is no possibility to queue, either because you have a physical disability, pregnancy or the elderly, I recommend you contact the store directly, at Below you will find the phones where you can request entry to the store without waiting in line, in any case this will be decided by the store manager and it is not an obligation for them to book a visit.

Book now Zara Costanera Center

  • Costanera Center ☎ +56 226189514
  • Parque Arauco ☎ +56222192737
  • Plaza Egaña ☎ +56 228306131
  • Alto Las Condes ☎ +56222131108
  • Florida Center ☎ +56222214130
  • Portal La Dehesa ☎ +56 222161007
  • Plaza Oeste ☎ +56 228984770

If you do not have the opportunity to participate in one of the Zara stores, I recommend you make purchases directly from the application, there you will find the vast majority of products sold in stores, as well as exclusive offers and very cheap shipping costs with unbeatable speed in the delivery of products.


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