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Schedule a visit to Banco de Chile → STEP BY STEP

Schedule a visit to Banco de Chile → STEP BY STEP

Bank of Chile It is one of the most important banks and with the largest number of customers in the country, so during pandemics, it was essential that a visit scheduling system be implemented, so that there is no need to make a long time. lines as possible schedule a visit to a Banco de Chile branch. Do you want to do it?, here we will explain step by step how to do it.

Schedule an hour at the Banco de Chile

This new system that was implemented in the bank It is due to the high demand for people that it has daily in its branches, bringing many people to come together, significantly increasing the number of infections and this is exactly what can be avoided, the crowds.

If you need to schedule a visit, the process is fairly straightforward, although you need to be clear about the branch you are going to go to and the time you can, in addition to the day clearly. Organizing in a pandemic was very necessary, especially with travel permits, which are very limited and, in turn, short-lived, so it is essential to do a procedure at the bank with the appropriate permission and also , with the scheduled time.

Schedule a visit to the Banco de Chile to avoid the queue

If you already have the clarity of the day, time and branch you will go to, the steps to follow are:

  1. Enter the Banco de Chile
  2. Click «Visit the Address Book Branch»
  3. Enter RUT, is to validate the data previously
  4. Now go through the following: – Step 1: Procedure to be performed– Step 2: Branch– Step 3: Date and time– Step 4: Confirm the data
  5. Intelligent! you already have the time scheduled.

Banco de Chile reserve time

It is important to add the e-mail when filling in the data, because you have to display it at the entrance to the branch, and the data will be validated by the security guard who is on duty and thus you will be activated without entering the Bank. to stand in line.

In addition, as we tell you, you will have to present at the entrance (without waiting in line) the scheduled time, taking all necessary security measures, such as using a mask, taking the temperature at the entrance, social distancing and also the use alcohol gel.

  • Do you have any questions? Didn’t manage to schedule an hour at Banco de Chile? Write us a comment and we’ll help you fix it.