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Saying goodbye to Windows 7 is not easy, but it should be

Saying goodbye to Windows 7 is not easy, but it should be

One in five Windows users still use Windows 7. That’s too much. It’s time to move.

Listen, I get it. Windows 7 worked very well. After the Vista fiasco, I was so happy to get a decent version of Windows. He avoided the Windows 8.x sinkhole and the boy was happy! Then he thought of Windows 10, but 7 just did the job, so he stayed with it and then felt vindicated because of the reliable Windows 10 updates and patches. Now, on January 14, 2020, Windows 7 has reached the end of its useful life and you have either upgraded to Windows 10 or are working on another Windows 7 alternative, such as Chrome OS, macOS or Linux, right?

I mean, you moved on. Right?

Oh no! What is this!? Based on the most accurate survey of who runs what on the Internet, the cumulative totals from the US government’s Digital Analytics Program (DAP), starting January 9, five days before the end of Win7’s lifespan, 19% of Windows users were still using Windows 7 …

People, people, people. It’s time for a change. Even the simplest upgrade scenario, upgrading to Windows 10, takes at least three hours. Moving data and applications to Windows 10 can take hours. It’s time to move. If you want an alternative operating system, it will take even longer.

Of course, many companies simply withdraw their old PCs and replace them with newer models with Windows 10. This is the easiest way to go. But, as the DAP figures show, many people have not yet been on the move.

In fact, just like a boring action movie with a bomb countdown, when the clock strikes zero in Windows 7, I met a few people who have no intention of upgrading. Thrill!

They tell me that they will be fine if they continue to update their antiviral software. Not! Just not! Where to start?

First of all, antivirus (A / V) programs only protect you against known malware. Many new problems appear every day. A / V programs do not have an excellent experience to keep up with the latest and worst malware. One of the best, Microsoft Security Essentials, dies on the same day as Windows 7, today, remember? Windows Defender Antivirus? It was never available in Windows 7 and will definitely not be transferred now!

Second, as former Firefox developer Robert O’Callahan and Google Chrome security chief Justin Schuh pointed out separately, there’s a lot of rotten code in A / V programs. In fact, many developers watch programs. A / V is more harmful than useful. This is because, in order to protect a system, it enters so far into it that it can also be easily used as an attack vector.

Also, let’s not forget that if something goes wrong and you ask for help, it is doubtful that you will receive help to troubleshoot an outdated operating system.

Last but not least, when new security holes are found in Windows 7 and they appear, you are open to attack.

If you really need to keep running Windows 7, I can only suggest that you run it in a virtual machine (VM) without a network on another operating system. I recommend using Oracle VirtualBox on Linux Mint. This is what I use for unsafe operating systems. This way, you can still run your old apps and be relatively safe.

Of course, the really smart thing to do if you refuse to leave Windows 7 is to bite the bullet and pay for Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESUs). If you can get it.

First, it’s only available for Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, or Windows 7 Ultimate. Windows 7 Home? Sorry, you’re out of luck.

If you have a small business, you can get ESU, right? Sure! Namely, Microsoft claims that you can obtain it through a Microsoft cloud service provider (CSP). In practice, users say that CSPs do not want their business. They don’t want customization, because if you only need 30 ESUs or less, they can’t make a profit.

The bottom line is that Microsoft really wants you to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10 right now. I know, I know, Windows 7 still works and it will be a huge headache to upgrade or migrate, no matter what I do. Is always. However, the time has come. Give up Windows 7 today or suffer a lot tomorrow.