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Samsung X5 is a portable and (very) fast SSD

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The transfer speed never hurts when it comes to external memory. Samsung took this idea seriously and launched the first SSD drive The NVMe-based laptop, which has a name and X5 can be stupidly fast, getting a read of 2.8 GB per second.

To send and receive so much data to your computer, the device uses the Thuderbolt 3 connection, which is capable of up to 40 Gb / s, which is almost four times faster than USB 3.1. There are three models of Samsung external storage, one with 500 GB, one with 1 TB and a third with 2 TB of space for anything.

The writing speed of models larger than half a terabyte is 2.3 GB per second, with 2.1 GB for the 500 GB version. With such performance, Samsung promises that a 20 GB file will be transferred in just 12 seconds.

Samsung X5 is a portable and (very) fast SSD 2

The outer body of the solid-state drive is made of metal, with curves that look like sports cars, and the inside is made of a hard material that helps the durability of the cheap SSD – the manufacturer even guarantees that a drop of two inches in height does not poses no risk to the life of the stored data.

Internal mechanisms can also prevent the product from overheating. In addition, files in the gadget can be encrypted based on 256-bit AES, ensuring that third parties cannot access nudity and other important data.

The X5 will be launched in various countries around the world starting September 3 this year, with a suggested value of $ 400 for the 500 GB model, $ 700 for 1 TB and $ 1,400 for 2 TB, which offers 1.7 thousand R $, R $ 2.9 thousand and R $ 5.8 thousand, respectively, without taking into account import duties or taxes.

With information: Samsung.

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