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Samsung Odin: what it is and how to update the official firmware



Waiting for the manufacturer to provide a newer version of the software for your computer can be annoying and exasperating. Therefore, in the next post it is explained how to update Samsung devices to the latest official firmware version, with the help of Odin. This will allow you to resolve tiring messages of incompatibility or failure in some applications or services of the equipment.

In this regard, the first thing you need to know is that, Odin is the only program approved by Samsung to update the firmware from any of your devices. Now, before you know what Odin is and how to use it on your computer, you need to keep in mind that the process of «flashing» or updating must be done carefully. Well, a mistake in this could cause irreparable damage to the terminal. Learn more about the topic in the following text.

What it is and how to download it

Odin is Samsung’s official tool for flashing Android devices of this brand, which includes the Galaxy and S series. It is only compatible with the Windows operating system, but in the case of Mac or Linux, you have the Heimdall program as an alternative. Now, before you can use this software and update your computer’s firmware, you must meet a number of requirements, which are listed below:

  • Android USB cable to connect your Android phone to your computer.
  • Computer with Windows operating system.
  • instruments ADB AND FASTBOOT for your device
  • The most recent Samsung USB Drivers.

Once you have all of the above, you can continue with step by step to light your equipment Samsung and update the firmware to the latest possible version. However, before doing so, you should take into account the following observations:

  • To do a prior backup of all information this is not in SD, because in the process, all your files will be lost, including contacts.
  • Make sure you have one battery level greater than 70% on the device.
  • Have your Google Account information for configuring the application.

With this clarity, go to the next step and keep updating your Samsung device to the latest version, so that you can continue to enjoy its benefits.

How to update

The first step to update the Samsung terminal operating system using Odin is download the appropriate firmware to the mobile model. To know this information you can access Settings> About device, each of the internal features of the equipment is detailed there, including its version.

On the other hand, label located under the battery the mobile phone also includes the data in question. Once you have it, you can continue to download the file from the many sites available on the Internet. However, the most reliable option for this is Sammobile, like this page offers official Samsung companies, so you can be sure that your device will still recognize its operating system as genuine, even after it is updated.

To make this easier, the site offers a built-in search engine in which you just need to enter your computer model and wait until the results appear.

How to download the official firmware of Samsung devices from Sammobile

Once the firmware is downloaded, keep unzipping it in your own folder, easy to find for you, and follow the steps listed below to begin the upgrade process:

  1. Open Odin.exe on your computer from your desktop or ZIP folder, if you haven’t unzipped it yet.
  2. Turn off the device and restart it in recovery mode.Note: This boot method varies from phone to phone, but is usually activated by pressing the buttons. Home + Volume down + Shutdown at the same time.
  3. Once the home screen appears, you will need to press the button «Volume –«To confirm that you agree with the procedure.Note: On some computers, the confirmation key may be «Volume +”.
  4. When you do, the display will show the message «Download”. East it will be time to connect it to your computer via USB cable.
  5. If all goes well, the button ID: COM should be light blue. You can now load the firmware you unzipped earlier to do this click AP and find the file in the folder that contains.How to update the official Samsung firmware with step 5 of OdinNote: The system may take a few minutes while checking the integrity of the firmware, please wait patiently until it finishes.
  6. For security measures, go to the «choice«From Odin and check that the only options are checked fi «Automatic restart”And“ F. Reset the time”.How to update the official Samsung firmware with step 6 of OdinNote: In case ofRe-partitioning«It is activated, turn it off and continue with the process.
  7. The press «start”.How to upgrade to the official Samsung firmware with Odin step 7

Now you have to wait a few minutes for the procedure to finish, you will see progress in the same program (green bar) or on the device, located under android. When everything is ready, the computer will restart automatically. Keep in mind that at first, it will take a few minutes, be patient and wait until it starts.

On the other hand, in the case of versions of Android such as Marshmallow and Nougat, there is an additional operating system specific procedure. Which consists of application optimizationThis can take up to 10 minutes, depending on the number of applications the team has. However, when it’s all over, you can enjoy your phone with new firmware.

By following these steps, updating your Samsung smartphone or tablet operating system will be a success. However, do not forget to take into account the observations described in the text and back up all the information you want to keep, in addition to the fact that it has an adequate level of load in the equipment. To help you better understand the process, you can watch the following video.