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Samsung How to turn on and off «Do Not Disturb» mode in Samsung – Mobile phone and devices Many users are accustomed to using multiple mobile phones …

Samsung How to turn on and off "Do Not Disturb" mode in Samsung - Mobile phone and devices Many users are accustomed to using multiple mobile phones ...

A large number of users are accustomed to using their mobile phones a few hours a day in which you receive a large number of messages and calls. But there are also precious moments when people just want a break from gadgets and worries. We can do this with the Do Not Disturb option.

It should be noted that this setting is not well known to many users. Who are not fully aware that we can activate a special way for the precise moments in which we want to rest. That is why we will mention everything related to this configuration and the best way to activate and deactivate Samsung.

What is Do Not Disturb mode on Samsung devices?

There are many tricks in our Samsung devices that we can use every day. But there is one in particular that is Do not bother. This is an option or configuration that we can manually edit from our mobile phone. Where the main contribution it gives us is that we can activate the option so that annoying messages or calls from certain contacts do not reach us. That different types of alarms or notifications sound when we want to rest.

It is clear that this is an excellent alternative for all those people who want to completely disconnect from social networks. To be able to spend a pleasant time with the people you love or to take an uninterrupted break. Fortunately this configuration is very simple to apply on our Samsung devices.

This may help to make the battery last longer, but if this fails for some reason, you will need to know and fix the problem with the discharge fault. Since this way it helps a lot up to battery life.

How do I set up my Samsung Phone «Do Not Disturb»?

To set it up, you need to position yourself on the main page of your mobile phone, then swipe down, searching and access the settings option. Then look for the «Sound» option in this area and select the specific option that says «Don’t bother».

If you can’t find it in this area, you can search for it in another settings section. We recommend that you look for it in the option as well «Notifications» or directly from the internal search engine. When you access the option, you’ll see several options, such as calls, sound, notifications, and more.

What is the procedure for activating and deactivating the «Do not disturb» mode?

There are three very similar ways to do this, choose the one you find most comfortable or the one that appears on Samsung. First swipe to the bottom or top of the screen, then select Do not pause. In this area you can turn it on and off at any time you want. Another way is by opening the Google Home app, then touching the screen or speaker, in the corner select the settings to access Notifications and wellness.

to activate silent mode

In this area you will see that a switch appears next to the word do not disturb, which you can activate and deactivate when you need it.

How do I schedule «Do Not Disturb» activation on my mobile phone?

On the other hand, it is important to learn how to program this option. Because you have activated it in the best way, you will be able to charge your mobile phone wirelessly without receiving annoying notifications. To do this, you need to access the settings and the Do Not Disturb section in the «Sound» section. In this part you can: Select «Sound and vibration» you will configure all kinds of sounds such as vibrations, from alarms or sounds to touching your mobile phone. In the «Notifications» section of this you can select the things you do not want to appear in the notification.

By entering the «Messages» area, you can set the phone to ring as reminders or events. You can too configure message entry of any contact. On the calls side, you can block people when they call you or turn off all types of incoming calls.

You can also select personalized notifications, which will help keep the phone from activating when a message arrives.

Is it possible to create exceptions in Samsung «Do Not Disturb» mode?

It should be noted that if it is completely possible and is the best thing you can do.

how to turn on silent mode on Samsung

When you access Do Not Disturb notifications, you can select where it says «Activate automatically» create different rules, you can configure this manually. For example, make sure it’s always on at night or on different specific terms. You can also implement the exact start or end time of the option.

In these settings, you can select the person or contact. Where you can afford if I send you messages when you turn on mode, you can really do a lot specific changes which will not allow it to have exceptions at hand. But to do this, you need to read every option that indicates that you need to add Spanish to your device.