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Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy: How to solve call problems – Step by step guide Samsung Galaxy is a series of mobile devices that …

Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy: How to solve call problems - Step by step guide Samsung Galaxy is a series of mobile devices that ...

Samsung Galaxy is a series of mobile devices that are normally low, high, medium, These devices are manufactured by Samsung Electronics, these phones use an Android operating system, and Samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular in the world.

How can I solve call problems by turning off airplane mode?

Many times your Samsung Galaxy phone you do not receive calls because airplane mode is activated, When this mode is enabled, your phone has all wireless connections disabled, to disable this airplane mode you must follow this method:

Restart the phone

Press the On / Off button for 3 secondsBy doing this, it will show you a number of options on your Samsung phone, you need to select the option called “Restart” if Samsung is not in Spanish, you can download and install this language, now make sure that the reboot process he finished.

solve call problems on Samsung

Go to Settings

With the phone already on, drag the notification bar, you can put an LED light on these notifications and tap the wheel icon on the top right, this action will take you to the phone settings. .

Go to Flight Mode

After accessing the settings enter the wireless connections section where they will show you the option for airplane mode, if it is activated, an arrow will appear next to an On.

Select «Close»

To disable this mode you have to slide the arrow towards the part where the option is disabled, Now open the deactivated airplane mode and you can make calls.

How can I solve this problem by changing the network mode?

If the previous method did not work for you, you can try to change the network mode of Samsung so that you can make calls, to change the network mode you must follow the process of this method:

Click «Settings»

Start the Samsung Galaxy, now swipe down to show your menu, click the wheel icon in the upper right, This will take you to the Samsung settings.

turn off your Samsung phone

Go to Mobile Networks

These are in the settings of your Samsung will show you a number of sections, you need to enter the section of mobile networks.

Select «WCDMA / GSM» as the network mode

Being in the mobile networks section, tap on the network mode and there you have to select “WCDMA / GSM” as the network mode.

How can I fix the problem of calls that automatically search for networks?

Another method that you can use to fix the call problem on your phone is to change the settings on that phone.

To connect and automatically connect to other networks, because often when the network is out of range of your phone, you lose the connection and your mobile phone needs to automatically find a new network. To get your phone automatically, you need to follow the process of this method:

Select «Network Operators» under «Networks»

Start Samsung Galaxy, with your finger sliding down on the phone screen, this will show you a menu where you have to tap on the wheel icon that will take you to your Samsung settings, being there you have to go to the networks mobile section, now you need to press network operators.

Press «Select automatically»

Now, Samsung Galaxy automatically finds other networks, so that it automatically connects to those networks, select the option «Automatically select» now turn off the phone and turn it on again. You can turn on the phone without using the power button.

Often you can’t make calls from Samsung because there was a network outage, it’s also important to check that your account is active, as your account may not be active and therefore you cannot make calls.