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Samsung Galaxy How to activate a repeated alarm on Samsung Galaxy step by step A very useful tool that includes phones and computers …

Samsung Galaxy How to activate a repeated alarm on Samsung Galaxy step by step A very useful tool that includes phones and computers ...

A very useful tool included in smartphones and smart devices is the clock, an application that allows you to activate alarms. Alarm alarms can be set for the convenience of the user, to ring once or several times. As well as edit its tone and volume.

So you can set a repeated alarm on your Samsung Galaxy

Create an alarm on a Samsung Galaxy it is very fast and easy. The user must enter the clock on the home screen, click on the «Alarm» section and click on «Add alarm». The user will be able to select the specific time in which the alarm clock will ring adjusting the hours and minutes, as well as selecting AM or PM as appropriate.

It is important to select the tone and volume of the alarm, familiarize yourself with its sound, and recognize it. It can be adjusted by clicking on «Sound and volume». Then tap the «Repeat» icon to define the amount and time interval of repetitions alarm. If the settings have already been completed, the user must save the changes made.

Alarm with specific days

The user may want to set the wake-up alarm on certain days, for this, he must select the box that has the original one, from the days he wants to ring. If you like, the user will be able to assign a certain name to his alarm, will be displayed on the screen each time it rings. Finally, you need to click «Save» to configure the settings.

waking up with the alarm clock

What is the way to stop or repeat an alarm on Samsung Galaxy?

Samsung Galaxy allows the user to stop or repeat an alarm, it is an easy process to do and it is possible with the mobile active or inactive.

With the phone idle

With the mobile device idle, the screen will activate when the alarm sounds, at this time to activate the snooze function, click «Repeat». Instead, to stop it, you have to tap the icon for a few seconds and then drag it in any direction on the screen.

With the phone active

If the user is using the phone or is active, simply press the «Ignore» function to turn off the alarm sound or «Repeat» if necessary.

This way, you completely disable an alarm on your Samsung Galaxy

When the user does not permanently request alarm, you can remove or deactivate it so that it does not sound. From the home screen, the user must tap the clock icon and select the «Alarm» tab. Just press for a few seconds to display the «Delete» function and you can remove it.

If the user wishes keep the settings for the future, you must indicate the option «Deactivate», when necessary, you must slide the reactivation button.

Check this if an alarm does not sound on your Samsung Galaxy

Sometimes it is common for the user to set an alarm, but it does not sound, probably due to two main reasons.

the phone works like an alarm clock

Alarm volume

The most common cause is that alarm it does not have enough volume to be heard by the user. To review the settings, the user must enter the clock button on the home screen. Touch the «Alarm» section, press the setting that is causing the problems and check the volume bar, it will be possible to move it to the right or up to increase its volume.

Don’t bother

Another of the most common reasons why an alarm is not perceived by the user is that the phone know find it set to «Do Not Disturb»”. When the phone has these settings, the alarms go off in silence. To change it, you need to enter the Clock application, click «Settings», then «Sounds and vibrations».

The «Do Not Disturb» option will be displayed, you need to press «Allow Exceptions» and so the alarms will sound even when the mobile phone has the «Do Not Disturb» setting active.