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Samsung A31 does not recognize the unlock pattern ▷ SOLUTION

Samsung A31 does not recognize the unlock pattern ▷ SOLUTION

Samsung Galaxy A31 It is one of the most popular mobile phones of the brand, and this is due to its price-quality ratio. You may have this mobile phone and have a big problem, namely that the mobile phone does not recognize the unlock pattern, so you cannot use it. Do you want to fix it?, here we will explain step by step what happened and the solution to Samsung Galaxy A31 does not recognize the model.

The Samsung Galaxy A31 does not work

The main thing you need to know is that this is not a problem with the mobile phone, but rather the pattern is wrong and it is quite normal for this to happen, because we usually make a difficult model so as not to can discover it and is the main reason why the «drawing» is forgotten.

If you forgot the model and tried, but it is still not possible to unlock the phone, you should know that you will need to follow a very effective method, in fact it will allow you to unlock the phone, but in turn it will be necessary to we remember the data of the Google account to which it is connected Samsung A31.

Unlock your Google Samsung A31 account

If you actually know the data of the account connected to the mobile phone, the following steps are:

  1. Go to «Find your phone»
  2. Sign in with your Google Account
  3. Select the right mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy A31)
  4. Click «lock» and then set a new password
  5. Now add the newly created password to your mobile phone and it will be unlocked immediately.

Once the process is complete, the mobile phone will be unlocked and therefore you can use it again without any problems, you should know that the unlock pattern that was forgotten or did not work will be disabled so that you can create a new one, but this time taking the following recommendations.

Samsung A31 does not work with model

  • Add a pattern to unlock a «shape» or «shape» that is easy to remember, but hard to figure out, you can try to create numbers or letters, even shapes.

If the problem with the unlock pattern is not that you forgot it, but that it is not possible to unlock it by adding the key, the only option we have is to follow the steps we detailed above, because this this will unlock your phone and in the worst case, if you don’t remember the account data that is connected to your mobile phone, you will have to reset your phone, losing everything that was stored in it.

  • Do you have any questions? Can’t unlock your Galaxy A31? Write us a comment and we’ll help.