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Salesforce introduces the first post-acquisition Slack integrations

Salesforce introduces the first post-acquisition Slack integrations

Salesforce wants to make it easier for sales, marketing and service teams to talk and share information when using their Customer 360 platform. But the integration of the two platforms remains at an early stage, says the analyst.

Salesforce has given a first look at plans to integrate Slack into its products after its completion $ 27.7 billion acquisition last month.

Sales force said Monday that Slack will be integrated into the Customer 360 platform in a number of ways to help connect sales, marketing and service people more efficiently, both internally and between companies.

The announcement follows similar moves by rival Salesforce Microsoft, which have integrated their Teams collaboration platform into Dynamics 365 into the the last months to improve the exchange of information for staff using Microsoft CRM tools.

For customer service teams, integration with Salesforce Service Cloud will allow the creation of «swarms» of Slack channels to quickly solve customer problems, while an «expert finder» function can «automatically identify» the customer. «Based on availability, skills and abilities».

Sales force

Salesforce Service Cloud integration allows the creation of «swarms» of Slack channels to quickly solve customer problems.

And for marketing staff, there will be access to Datorama information from Slack. (Datorama is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud marketing information platform.) Integration allows marketing staff to receive notifications of changes to marketing materials.

These three Slack-First Sales, Service and Marketing features will be available pilot this fall, Salesforce said; Datorama integration is now available.

Salesforce also announced plans to integrate Tableau into Slack, with notifications of changes to the analytics tool, such as a decrease in sales flow, as well as «watch list summaries» to provide a daily update. of certain values. Slack-First Analytics is set for general availability this fall.

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With Slack-First Marketing, teams can get information and changes about marketing projects that they can use to act quickly.

«Slack and Salesforce had two jobs: not to break any of the products and to make them both better than the sum of the parts,» said Wayne Kurtzman, research director at IDC. «They did this by avoiding the temptation to quickly integrate the two interfaces, while allowing for integrations that simplify work.»

The integrations will allow both products to «do what they do and enhance them with a channel-based conversation layer that can trigger actions in the Salesforce stack,» he said.

While the two companies already had some integrations between your tools , this week’s announcement indicates Salesforce’s intention to bind the platforms deeper and maximize cross-fertilization between them, said Angela Ashenden, senior analyst at CCS Insight.

While integrations should be helpful in establishing user workflows, the process is in its infancy and the platforms remain very separate, he said.

«We can expect to see a large investment in strengthening this integration in the coming months, first to help Salesforce meet its Slack-first Customer 360 positioning, but also to help it respond to the growing threat from Microsoft Teams and Dynamics. . 365 – and, of course, to justify the dazzling purchase price, ”said Ashenden.