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Run, stop, schedule, disable automatic maintenance in Windows – Frequently Asked Questions

Ejecutar, detener, programar, desactivar el mantenimiento automático en Windows - Preguntas frecuentes 7

Windows 10/8 includes a new feature that allows you to program and run Automatic maintenance on your computer. The task, once executed, will perform a task such as updating and scanning for security, Windows software updates, disk defragmentation, disk volume errors, system diagnostics, and so on. and also includes the analysis of network access protection at the enterprise level and the analysis of security standards in all workstations of the company.

In Windows 7 and earlier, performance and power efficiency are affected to some extent, but in Windows 10/8, this maintenance activity is designed to run in the background – based on priority – with limited user interaction and minimal impact. on energy performance and efficiency.

MSDN says:

Automatic maintenance automatically stops ongoing maintenance if the user starts interacting with the computer. Maintenance will resume when the system is idle again.

Automatic Windows maintenance

Automatic maintenance in Windows 10/8 will run daily and will combine all background maintenance activities, such as updating Windows software, applications, paying attention to messages in the Action Center, performing background maintenance tasks, etc., without adversely affect energy performance and efficiency. It will allow the user to control the scheduling and configuration of the maintenance activity. But the response of the operating system to users can be reduced when maintenance work is performed while users are actively using the computer.

The process is called MSchedExe.exe , and is located in the System32 folder. To access Automatic maintenance in Windows 8, open Control Panel and go to Action Center. Here, under Maintenance, click the right arrow. This will expose Automatic Maintenance. If you find that this is not being monitored, you can click Enable auto-maintenance messages .

This allows the Action Center to monitor automatic maintenance and send you messages via the Action Center icon on the taskbar.

If you want to turn off these messages, you can also do so by unchecking the option in Action Center> Change Action Center Settings> Maintenance Messages.

Run, stop, schedule, disable automatic maintenance in Windows - Frequently Asked Questions 2

By default, Auto Maintenance runs in full automatic mode, which means that your computer intelligently scans half the time and at scheduled times without user intervention. The whole task runs in silence and you won’t even notice anything.

If the computer is busy, it will run the next time it is not in use.

If the computer is in sleep mode while it is running on AC power, it will resume and maintenance will take place using all system resources to run the task as quickly as possible. After completing the task, the system will return to sleep mode. However, you will need to check the option Allow scheduled maintenance to wake my computer if it’s connected at the scheduled time .

Run, stop, schedule, disable automatic maintenance in Windows - Frequently Asked Questions 3

If you want to change the program for this automatic maintenance, click Change maintenance settings and from the drop-down menu you can set the program.

If for any reason you want to start the maintenance task immediately, you can do so by clicking the button Run maintenance . This will allow you to perform this task at unscheduled times. This is called User initiated mode .

Run, stop, schedule, disable automatic maintenance in Windows - Frequently Asked Questions 4

> For stop maintenance work , you can simply move the mouse cursor. If it doesn’t help, you can click the button Stop maintenance anytime. The task will stop in a few seconds.

Run, stop, schedule, disable automatic maintenance in Windows - Frequently Asked Questions 5

When you perform Auto Maintenance, you will see its indication on the taskbar icon.

Run, stop, schedule, disable automatic maintenance in Windows - Frequently Asked Questions 6

Disable automatic maintenance in Windows 10/8

To turn off Auto Maintenance, you’ll need to open Task Scheduler> Task Scheduler Library> Microsoft> Windows> TaskScheduler.

Run, stop, schedule, disable automatic maintenance in Windows - FAQ 7

Here right click on Sleep Maintenance, Maintenance Configurator and Regular Maintenance and select Disable.

TIP : This message will help you if you are receiving Windows and cannot run the auto-maintenance message when you try to run it.

Tasks performed by Automatic Maintenance

In general, Automatic Maintenance is designed to address and resolve these issues:

  1. Resource use conflicts

  2. Date scheduling

  3. Energetic efficiency

  4. Transparency for the user

I haven’t been able to find out the exact number of system tasks it performs and the order in which they are performed – nor is there a way to select or deselect maintenance tasks – but I’m sure defragmentation, checking for software updates Microsoft Security Scan, System Diagnostics, Malware Scan, Disk Error Check, Clock or System Time Check, History Check, Error Reports and Logs currently take up too much disk space and address these issues if necessary, etc. should be some of the tasks running.

When asked about running tasks, Microsoft’s Dave Dixon replied:

You can quickly see this by typing «schtasks / query» which should list all scheduled tasks for a system.

So you can open an increased CMD rate schtasks / interrogate and press Enter. You will be able to see the result of the tasks.

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