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Roblox How to get free clothes in Roblox – Guide to promotional codes and free catalogs In the game Roblox we have extensive features, but …

Roblox How to get free clothes in Roblox - Guide to promotional codes and free catalogs In the game Roblox we have extensive features, but ...

In the game Roblox we have extensive functions, but the most attractive for its users is the ability change your avatar, you can add clothes, accessories and more.

That’s why Roblox has exclusive stores where you can buy clothes for free, without having to spend anything. If you want to know How to get Roblox this article is for you. If you intend to download Roblox for Windows, this article will help you a lot.


Where can I see the clothes I have on Roblox?

You can find this In the «Avatar» option there you will have access to all the items of clothing you currently own in General catalog Roblox. Which are designed to allow you to customize your avatar to your liking. And in the same way, these items of clothing can be obtained completely free of charge by following the steps we will indicate.

How can I get into the free Roblox clothing catalog?


If you want to enter the catalog and get completely free clothes on Roblox. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the official Roblox page and log in
  2. When you log in, you need to click on the «Hamburger Menu» option at the top
  3. More options will be displayed here, you need to click on «Avatar»
  4. In this option you can customize your avatar with all the clothes you currently have available. If you want to get more, click «Get more»
  5. Then, to access free clothing, click on the «Promoted» option, select the «All categories» option
  6. Next, you need to click the «Relevance» button and select «Price from lowest to highest»
  7. And that’s it, you will have access to free clothing from the catalog found in the Roblox store.

You need to keep in mind that you have no limits to claim clothing or artifacts. Whenever you select clothing, accessories or items that are free.

Procedure to create your own clothes on the platform

One of the best parts of using Roblox is that this platform allows you allows you to create your own clothes or even a world of your own, if you are. To many this may seem strange, because the most common way to buy new clothes is by buying them. However, you can also create exclusive clothes for your characters. Including pants, flannels and accessories.

Designing clothes on Roblox is even considered a profession. Because there is a percentage of users who are dedicated exclusively to making clothes and then selling them on the platform.

If you want to design your own clothing, it is essential to follow each of the steps below:

  1. First you need to create an account on Roblox.
  2. Then all you have to do is pay for the Roblox Premium subscription.
  3. You need to join a group, for this go to the main page of Roblox.
  4. Once there, go to the «Hamburger Menu» and select «Group». Choose your favorite group, then click ‘Join group.’ Don’t forget to complete the check to make sure it’s not a bot.
  5. Download a template and edit it with your favorite editing program. Remember that templates are provided free of charge by Roblox.
  6. Note that the dimensions for your design must be 585 pixels wide and 559 pixels high.
  7. Once you have completed the project, you need to export the file to JPG or PNG format.
  8. Go to the tab where you downloaded the template and upload the design to Roblox servers. To do this, click «Select file», then locate the design to which you exported it.
  9. Finally, click «Upload» and wait for the file to finish uploading. A message will appear if the upload was successful.

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If you want to get promotions for free and safely, the best option is to do it through Roblox official page. In this you can get the virtual coins of the video game. Remember that they are needed to get items, accessories and items for your avatar.

How to get Roblox promo codes

The ways to get Roblox coins are very diverse. You can get them through competitions, as you win games or receive them by buying them on the official page with the help of Robox, which you can also get for free.

In the same way, you can use your mobile phone, computer browser, or Xbox One applications to buy the coins you need.