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Roblox How to generate good names for Roblox – Ideas for girls and boys We know that creating an account on Roblox is quite simple. Free…

Roblox How to generate good names for Roblox - Ideas for girls and boys We know that creating an account on Roblox is quite simple.  Free…

We know that creating an account on Roblox is quite easy. However, choose your name or nickname it is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Therefore, we will explain everything you need to know. We will also give you great ideas for your nickname.

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What kind of nickname can I get on Roblox?

When we download and install Roblox, it is good to already have an idea about the name or nickname we will put on our character, because this is what identifies us with other users.

The idea is that you have a creative and cool name, so if you don’t know how to start here, we’ll give you unique ideas. The first thing to keep in mind is that in the game Roblox no two names can be the same. Therefore, your creativity is put to the test. You can play word games and even mix your name with a term that identifies you.

What restrictions does Roblox have when choosing a new user nickname?

Please note that the platform does not currently allow non-alphanumeric characters. Which means that, you can only use letters and numbers. In addition, due to security factors, it does not support the use of real names. Because, being public, anyone would be able to log in to your account, impersonating you. When creating your name, you need to respect the following:

  • Must be at least 4 characters long, but not longer than 20.
  • Do not use special characters, you can only make two underlines.
  • Try not to use the name that belonged to a person who has been banned
  • Do not leave spaces in your nickname.
  • If you want, you can add numbers or capital letters.
  • Don’t use inappropriate words.

Examples of original and cute names to use on Roblox

If you still feel a little lost, here are some great ideas you can apply. Each of the lists we will give you below consists of 10 nicknames that can serve as an example or even use them:

For girls

  • AdyaKusanna
  • XikaMaligna
  • Goddess of wickedness
  • LadyHawkHS
  • Mil33naFat4l1ty
  • DaisyLaFenix
  • EmmaNineLife
  • Regina_Haos
  • Barbiecoa
  • NecromaNancy

For the children

  • Donor
  • Lord_Cerberus
  • NinjaL3t4l
  • HeadShotMarine
  • Godfather Marlon
  • The eternal avenger
  • Rocket_Knight25
  • ChrisR3DF13LD
  • ElGoodPoli
  • MessiNaldo_3D

The names of the hackers

  • HackerMypartner
  • HackerAnswer
  • HαckeR
  • SuperBoyHacker
  • H ค ck𝓮r ₯
  • HackerBabyCakes
  • HackerSnacks
  • HackerMisterHot
  • FireBerryHacker
  • HackerKickstart

Unused names

  • Brainlessmann
  • SaddleTheChivalrous
  • Brainlessson
  • Birchwood minecart
  • VanStupendous
  • Chloeoff
  • CapllQueus
  • Codydesu
  • Champkun
  • GamyBeast

The best name generators on Roblox


If you want to skip all the trouble and get an original nickname quickly and easily, you can use a name generator for Roblox. Here we will leave you with a list of the most famous generators, from where you can get the ideal nickname with just a few clicks.


Nickfinder is one of the best name generators you can use. generate your nickname at random, whether or not they use fancy symbols. You can also generate passwords and clan nicknames.


In this generator you can also create a completely different username from the others. Go to the Spinxo page and explore all the possibilities this tool offers you. Remember that originality in this case is the most important thing. Consider this you can also create names for various platforms, users, social networks, game tags, aliases, tests and personality.


As in the previous options with this tool, you can also generate the ideal Nick. To do this, just follow the steps explained on the page. Don’t think twice, go to Nickrino and explore each of the possible nicknames this tool has for you. Remember this you have three ways to generate your nicknameIt also shows you the default options.

How do you change the nickname Roblox?

Choosing your name or nickname as mentioned above is a very important step. Above all, because you will not be able to change it for free from this platform requires a fee of 1000 Robux to be able to make any changes to your nickname.

You have to buy these Robux for real money, though there are methods to get Robux for free. Therefore, we recommend that you take your time when deciding which nickname you want to use.

However, if you want to change your name for free, you will need to talk directly with the company and explain why you changed. Keep in mind that this reason must be strong.