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Robinson list


There are few things more annoying than phone marketing campaigns that wake you up from a nap or ring at the wrong time. Little by little advertising campaigns have almost become harassment situationsand that’s why they’ve caused applications to block calls and text messages from unwanted numbers.

One of these options is called the Robinson List even today we tell you everything you need to know about how it works and its true effectiveness.

What is the Robinson list?

Robinson List Advertising Waiver Service is available to consumers, free of charge and businesses, but in this case you have to make a payment. The operation is quite simple, because it is part of a personalized advertising system.

Through the Robinson List, those companies for which you are not a customer or to which you have not given your consent I can’t send you ads. Companies must make use of the list established by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEDP).

list robinson

Before an advertising campaign those registered should be excluded. You will receive advertising from those companies whose customers you are and if you have given their consent.

So far, there is 570,000 registered users on the Robinson List and it is one of the telephone channels with the most registered users, however it is a project with a much longer history than in recent years. It has been working since 1993 to prevent unwanted advertising in the mail.

In 2009, the Federation of Electronic Commerce and Direct Marketing (today Adigital) and AEDP announced the expansion of the service to include other less analogous environments, such as email, SMS, phone calls and MMS. Adigital is responsible for managing the service, with the approval of the highest authority in Spain in data processing: AEDP.

How to join the Robinson list?

Here’s how to sign up for the Robinson list for companies and individuals:

  1. To register you must register through the website, so you must first click on this link.
  2. Once there, you need to enter ID, gender, email, full name and date of birth.
  3. The next step is select which means you don’t want to receive advertising of companies: you can form e-mail, landline, mobile phone, SMS, MMS and mail. You can even use call revocation, so that a company you’re already a customer with is notified that you no longer want to receive advertising calls.
  4. Once listed on the Robinson List, only the companies for which you are a customer and which you have allowed I can send you advertising messages.

subscribe to the robinson list

Currently, after being inscribed on the Robinson List it takes three months for our data to appear. Also, if you have previously given the company permission to contact you, subscribing to the list has no effect. You may revoke your advertising permission only by phone.

How is non-compliance with the Robinson list reported?

Companies that start an advertising campaign and do not consult the Robinson List can be reported by registered citizens. In this case, a sanction file is opened and an economic fine is set by the EDPS depending on the degree of the offense.

The latest regulation is being remedied fines of up to EUR 20 billion However, for very serious infringements, you should know that actions should not be directed at the company in question. If a list malfunction is detected, the Data Protection Agency itself It is the one who handles the sanctions and to whom the complaints should be addressed.

Therefore, if you have subscribed to the Robinson List and still receive unwanted advertising, you can file a complaint with the EDPS to protect your right or lodge a complaint. The claim can be submitted using an online form, when the managers you address do not respond to your request or refuse to process it, or when you receive advertising within ten business days of submitting your request, so that they no longer include you in your campaigns. their. Here you can get better information.

the robinson list works

To accompany your request, you have to present too:

  • Response of the responsible party to the request file
  • Stamped application copy by the person responsible for the file
  • Acknowledgment of receipt or postal certificate that the recipient has received your request.

If you file a complaint with the EDPS, please note that they will ask you information that only you are able to present. So go gather all the relevant information about your case to get a favorable sanction.

If you would like to report harassment by telephone by a company, you can also contact the Public Administration Consumer Organizations file a consumer complaint. It is advisable to consult the EDPS citizen channel which has a record of all procedures that are focused on avoiding unwanted publicity and thus save time by knowing in advance what kind of documents can be requested.

Does the Robinson List really work?

Although the Robinson List initiative to prevent unwanted advertising sounds great, there are criticisms that have spread over the years. There are users who have noticed numerous shadows and doubts about the operation real from the Robinson List. For example, they highlight the paradox of offering your data to a private company to avoid unwanted advertising.

From Adigital they respond to this criticism by saying that the Robinson List is a self-regulation service and there is no contradiction, because the system itself is regulated and managed as its own initiative to regulate marketing campaigns. On the other hand, there are those who claim to be on the list opens up the possibility for companies that use it to have your information.

There were even users who decided to stalk the Robinson List, put a fake email in the data and started receiving spam messages there. Then, there may be companies that use the list for their marketing campaigns even without the user’s consent.

reports the robinson list

However, do not despair, because since May 25 last year there have been some changes and sanctions, trying to strengthen sanctions for those who violate user data protection laws. What is happening is that the adaptation of a series of changes has begun to adapt to the new European data protection regulation.

Responsible companies and entities working with personal data must demonstrate an active responsibility in the care of customer confidentiality. In order to collect personal information, they will need to request it explicitly, clearly and unequivocally. This way, the user will know if his data is being used or not.

More Higher fines will be imposed to try to discourage business conducting digital marketing campaigns without the user’s consent. The proposal advances so that legal resources are much wider and, although there is still some time until the application enters into force, it also advances in the creation of a voluntary mediation service in which users and companies can resolve conflicts in a fluid way.

I’m on the Robinson list and they keep calling me, why?

The need for users to isolate themselves in the face of ad saturation makes us wonder if the progress of these campaigns is really so intense. The answer according to the statistical data is: yes. Advertising and telecommunications sectors are the ones with the largest global quantities of PENALTIES receive in Spain.

This means that prefers to break the law and pay fines for advertising even in breach of the EDPS guidelines. On the other hand, Adigital’s Robinson List is not the only one that exists, there is no law that prevents each company or entity from developing its own.

Conclusions: Advantages and disadvantages of the Robinson list

At the end of the day, the fight against spam, harassment and intrusive digital marketing campaigns requires strong law enforcement. Because, initiatives such as the Robinson List They can be understood as advances, despite the fact that they also need support from the state apparatus that allows companies to be fined and pressured not to carry out these campaigns.

Despite the detractors, there are those who support this because of the Robinson List the number of spam emails I receive has been reducedSo it’s about comparing stories and checking if they work.

On the other hand, know that we can go to organizations to request the protection of our private data and following the legal way to denounce non-compliant companies is a habit that many users do not practice, believing that «they will continue to call me anyway» and what needs to be clarified is that the community denounces and does not know remains silent when its own personal data are leaked or used without your consent to be part of the ongoing marketing campaigns.