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Replacing the armored door lock

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If you want to know how to change the lock of a security door Here we explain what you should do step by step.

Armored doors and their locking system

Armored doors are perfect to use at the main entrance of the house, because they are more secure. But, although the level of protection that these doors offer us is incomparable, at some point it is necessary to change the locks. This does not happen with a biometric lock.

changing the armored door lockReplacing the armored door lock

What distinguishes armored doors from conventional doors, or even armored doors, is that armored doors they are made entirely of steel.

The entire structure of an armored door is mounted in steel, and the lock is mounted differently.

Why change the lock of an armored door?

There are several reasons why we are motivated to change the locking system to an armored door. It almost always happens that we want to update the locking system that comes from the factory on the door or that the lock that we installed at that time has already completed its cycle or useful life, which may have been shortened by the elements: rain snow and humidity.

change the old armored lock

What does it take to change the lock of a security door?

To change the lock of an armored door, you will need:

  • Exchange lock, you need to check if new lace lock perfect in the current lock box. For this you need to know the make and model of the armored door, because there are many differences from one model to another, even when it is the same brand.
  • Drill with several bits,
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Lock keys for change.
changing the armored door lockReplacing the armored door lock

In some cases, you will only need a screwdriver, the key in the old lock and the new part, but we will see this soon, because there are several ways to change the lock of an armored door.

How to change step by step the cylinder or locking cylinder of an armored door

Sometimes it happens that we do not want to change the whole lock but only the cylinder. This is easier, because it is not necessary to disassemble the whole door, but the only thing we will have to do is remove the old cylinder, put the new one and that’s it.

tesa armored door lock change

It sounds simple, because it is, in fact, to see step by step how to change the house hat with an armored door.

Note: Not all armored doors work the same way, so the procedure can vary slightly. In the same way the principles are the same.

  • The first thing we need to do is locate ourselves inside and open the door.
  • We present the key.
  • Locate the main screw on the edge of the door. You will easily recognize this screw because it is in a central position there, on the edge: as if it held the whole lock. In most cases, it is just below the main skid.
  • With our screwdriver we give the screw a few rotations, the idea is to unscrew it, but not completely. A few turns will suffice.
bolt lynx
  • Now that the screw is slightly loose, we will press it with our finger, as if it were the light switch button. You will see it give way and then rise again.
  • Squeeze the screw as you turn the wrench with your other hand and then pull it toward you to remove the cylinder. Once you have hit the right turn, you can remove the cylinder, as it will slide easily.
  • Now all you have to do is get the new cylinder, slide it into the hole while using your finger to tighten the screw. Rotate the key until it clicks.
  • When mounted all you have to do is tighten the screw and voila.
changing the lock on the armored doorReplacing the armored door lock

How to step by step change a lock to a security door

The task of changing the complete lock of an armored door may seem difficult, but we will soon see that it is a matter of having all the tools and following the procedure.

armored door price lock changeChanging the price of the armored door lock
  1. The first thing you should do is remove the inner panel of the door. To do this you must:
    1. Remove the sheet that covers the edge of the door by unscrewing it.
    1. Remove the handlebar and cylinder from the inside of the door.
    1. Now yes, we’re disassembling the inner sheet.
  2. With the inner sheet of the armored door removed, we will be able to see part of the door mechanism and lock box. Our task here will be to open this box.
    1. Take his drill screwdriver and unscrew the screws holding the locking housing. There are almost always four, but sometimes you could find up to six.
    1. When did you removed the box, the lock will be exposed.
  3. Now you have to disassemble the lock. This step varies a lot from lock to lock, all manufacturers have different mechanisms for fixing the locks on armored doors. But the principle is the same in all:
    1. Remove the four screws from the lock.
    1. And with the help of a key, remove the nuts that hold the lock to the body of the armored door.
    1. When you remove the last nut, the lock will give way easily; you have to be careful, because it could fall and hurt your leg. For this, do not forget to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
  4. If you have followed all the steps so far, you should have no problem. The next thing would be to install the new lock that must fit perfectly in the space occupied by the previous one. You can do the test and make sure the locking screws fit into the holes.
  5. Before mounting the new lock, you can remove dirt from inside the armored door, if any.
    1. Take the new lock and start screwing,
    1. In the same way, tighten the nuts.
  6. When the lock is in place, insert the new drum. This should be adjusted by turning the key until it clicks.
  7. The next step is to mount the locking housing by screwing.
  8. We assemble the inside of the door, then the handlebars and finally the board on the edge of the door. We adjust everything and voila: I changed the lock on an armored door.
change lock cylinder armored door priceChange the price of the armored door lock cylinder

Each armored door is different, but with this step-by-step guide you can guide yourself when changing the door lock even when they are of different designs.