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Replace the metal shutter lock

cambiar cerradura persiana metalica

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metal shutters They are very helpful to make our room completely dark, so that it cannot see inside and to provide security in the case of metal blinds for windows, commercial windows or garages where this type of blinds is also used.

Although they are very good and durable, the lock has a useful life and is used every day, it no longer works and when that time comes, it must change the metal shutter lock.

change the metal shutter lockReplace the metal shutter lock

So, if you want to learn or want to help your friend change his, here we will show you everything you need to know about it and step by step on how to change it. If you need to know how to change the security door lock, you can read the related article.

How the metal shutter lock works

Something you should know before you venture out change the metal shutter lock is to know how it works this type of locks.

Because, although it may not seem like it, this can help you know what you should remove or which parts fail in the lock.

metal shutter lockMetal shutter lock

And if you want to change the lock, it’s because it stopped working and it doesn’t do its job perfectly.

So let’s see how a metal shutter lock works.

How the metal shutter lock works

These locks are rectangular and are usually placed in the center of the shadow.

They have in the middle, a cylinder or cylinder which activates two metal plates, which protrude through the sides of the lock.

the price of locking the metal shutterMetal shutter lock price

Are metal plates They are like flat screws that extend or retract when the key is rotated inside the lock.

So if one of these screws do not work well, by activating the metal bars that are connected to it, then we will know that the lock has reached its end Terms of validity and that we will have to replace it.

Learn how to change the metal shutter lock

Before you try change the metal shutter lock We must first know what tools we will need to successfully change the lock and not waste time looking for the tools, because we need them.

shutter padlockPadlock with trigger

Tools for changing the metal shutter lock

  • Drill with fine drill for metal
  • Screwdriver
  • Key
  • Tweezers or pliers

Recommendation: Before you start removing the old lock, we recommend that you take a few photos and buy a lock with the same features, so you won’t have a problem replacing it after you’ve removed the lock.


  • The first thing to do is remove the old lock of the metal shutter, for this we go to the lock and evaluate how it is attached to the shutter, screws, rivets or nuts.
  • metal bars which connects to each of the locking screwsThey are attached with screws and nuts, so it will not be a problem to remove them.
  • If the lock is fixed on the rivet blind, it is best to use drill with the fine piece for the metal to break the rivets.
  • If it is fixed with nuts, you can use a nut size wrench or pliers to rotate the nut.
  • After removing the fasteners, we remove the old one metal shutter lock.
  • we present to you new lock in the holes that had been left empty and we put the screws that the lock brings with it.
  • If you want something more secure, you can put rivets, of course, only if you have the tool for it.
  • Now, all that remains is to connect the metal locking bars that connect to the screws and that’s it.

The new key is inserted into the metal shutter lock and its correct operation is checked.

metal shutter closureClosing the metal shutter

Change the decentralized metal shutter lock

Locks for metal shutters They are also available of this type not central and therefore here we will show you how it works and how to change one of these locks.


metal shutters non-central, function as independent locks, ie several locks are placed on a blind cloth, which allows for greater safety and fixation of the blinds.

roller shutter lockLocking the roller shutter

These locks work like a regular rim lock because they have a cylinder and a single screw activated by turning the lock.

So if you want to know how to change one of these locks below, we’ll show you how to change it.

How to change the lock of the decentralized metal shutter

Locks have a lifespan, and metal shutter locks are no exception, and when they are damaged, calling a locksmith to change this lock is really a chore, as it is something you can do alone at home with some tools.

So get ready to learn how to change a non-central metal locking device.

metal shutter lockMetal shutter lock

Tools you need to change the lock of a metal shutter

  • Key
  • Gripper
  • Screwdriver


  • Remove the lock old metal shutter, to do this use the wrench or pliers and unscrew each of the nuts which keep her attached to the blind.
  • Now, presents the new lock in the blind and make sure it fits perfectly in the holes occupied by the old lock.
  • If the lock fits, place the nuts and bolts to attach it to the blind.
  • If the holes in the new lock do not match the holes in the old lock, you will need to get drill a little fine
    to open new holes.
  • With the lock in place, it is time to test it, for this the key is inserted and the cylinder is rotated, the screw should extend and contract when the locking mechanism is activated.

It’s so easy change the metal shutter lockEither with an individual lock or with a central lock is a fairly simple procedure, as these are very simple locks that allow them to be replaced at home without any inconvenience.

the price of the commercial metal shutterThe commercial price of metal shutters

The best option when these locks are damaged is to change them completely, but if you want to save some money, you can undo them and see what the faulty part is.

So yes you don’t have much experience with a locksmith
or manual labor, you should be inclined to completely change the metal shutter lock, saving some of the precious time.