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Rename files to folder names using Swapem for Windows

Intercambiar nombres de archivos con nombres de carpetas utilizando Swapem para Windows 2

There are many exchange utilities available on the Internet to rename two files or folders in the Windows operating system, but none are as good as Swap . Swapem allows you to rename two files or folders using drag and drop in its user interface. For a full rename, the utility can also be added to the context menu or Send to menu. This makes the application even easier to use and change files quickly and easily.

Change the file names to the folder names

How to use Swapem

  1. Just download the file from the link provided at the end of the article.

  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder and run the executable file.

  3. Choose any two files you want to rename and drag and drop them

  4. Immediately, a change confirmation pop-up window will appear on the screen in the system tray with the following message » names changed correctly «.

Main features:

  • Integration with the Explorer context menu

  • Menu integration Send to

  • Support for drag and drop method

  • Change file names to file names

  • Change the folder name to the folder name

  • Change the file names to the folder names

  • Native icons in GUI style before and after

  • Multilingual menu

  • The ability to keep the GUI always on top

  • User configurable SOT * function

HUSBAND (Swap Operation Timeout) is a built-in function that allows the user to define the time limit (seconds) for the expiration of the swap operation. The feature works quickly and activates automatically when items in different locations are added to the application via Send to or from the context menu or by dragging and dropping.

Rename files to folder names using Swapem for Windows 2

> Swap it is free for personal use and is distributed as freeware. Works on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Download Swapem

Download Swapem for free, Here .

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