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Recover mobile data with broken screen


There are thousands of cases on the market, protections and other accessories that try to increase the resistance of our phone. But the chance is capricious and you never know what might happen to your cell phone.

At any given moment, an unforeseen event, a trip, a slip … any kind of situation can lead to the phone falling to the ground and the screen breaking. AND what to do in this type of situation with our data? Is there any chance we’ll get them back in any way?

Mobile phone data recovery with backup

The best thing that can happen to us after the tragedy that happened on the phone is that to configure the backup on Google Drive.

Android’s cloud service helps us to back up the files and data we store on our phone on a regular basis. Therefore, it is very possible to have a recent backup which we can use to charge the next mobile phone we buy.

We can ensure the existence of this backup by entering our Google account and by accessing the Google Drive section.

backups for Android

In other cases, I couldn’t use Google Drive, but yes Dropbox, but in the end it turns out to be the same kind of idea. It never hurts, in these times, that we set up a backup.

On mobile phones iPhone the service is offered to us iCloud.

Mobile data recovery with completely broken screen

Are two groups of applications which we will have to use depending on whether our phone is answering and we can use it or if it has become a paper weight in which the screen does not work in any of the possible ways.

If our case is the second and only thing we can do is connect the device to a computer so that it takes control of what is best possible, the applications we will need will be tools such as WonderShare MobileGo or Remo Recovery.

WonderShare MobileGo application

In both cases they are tools that work in a simple way and that they have the advantage of providing speed and a lot of customization in their use. We have the opportunity to navigate between the file folders we had on our mobile phone and to choose only what we are interested in recovering. We are also given the option to make the whole process faster or to do it more step by step, the latter being more recommended if we want efficiency in recovery.

If for some reason I had an emergency and I did not have any of these programs, we might try to connect the phone to the computer to scan the folders for certain files. This form greatly limits the margin for recovery, but it can be something that helps us at a critical time.

Mobile data recovery with semi-functional display

The alternative is that the phone, even if the screen is broken, it is functional at one level or another.

For example, the screen may not work and the buttons may work or it may be another piece of screen, a corner, so we could still do something. In these cases we need to have USB debugging mode enabled on Android, which will help us save data more easily.

One of the recommended applications is Vysor. The downside is that you have to install it from Google Play, but if we do, then we can go to control the terminal directly from the computer. This way, it would be like recovering the entire phone and having the ability to save any data, photo, video, file … without exception.

Vysor application

Another good recommendation that also turns our computer into a mobile phone control center is Droid @ Screen, whose method of installation and use differs from the previous one.

In this case it is essential to have the Android SDK installed and that, from there, we make sure that the Google operating system drivers are also on our computer.

  1. Now open a Windows CMD and run the command «set Android_Home = C: installpath android-sdk”.
  2. After connecting the phone to the computer using a USB cable, we need to execute the command «java -jar droidAtScreen.jar«With which we will activate the program.
  3. We’ll see how soon the phone screen will appear on our computer and we can use it to remedy the possible loss of data we risked.

That would be 🙂