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Recommended colors for men’s rooms

Colores recomendados para cuartos de hombres

Social structure requires that certain colors, styles, and manners define femininity versus masculinity. When it comes to creating a comfortable space for men, there are some old ideas that tend to be true. Although you can deviate from the norm, the classic choices will always win. You want to know what are the colors for men, the ones that attract your tastes the most based on historical and psychological data? Keep reading.

According to research, men are more concerned with color quality than color itself. Men prefer intense colors and women softer. In addition, they have a greater tolerance for achromatic colors such as black, white and gray. On the other hand, even if they like more shades of color, they will call it «green», and women «muscles», «apple» and so on. Blurring can make deciphering difficult which are the best colors for men. However, with a basic guide you can determine what color schemes should be involved in the decor.

Contemporary style

Its minimalist and modern look attracts men. Although they will like to have a mirror and a piece of art on the wall, the symmetry will be greater. This may be due to the fact that they tend to analyze space much more than women. Darker, high-contrast colors often work well in a contemporary space.

Rustic style

Rustic wooden and white bedroomIn a country house you can find elements that inspire some men. Consider incorporating fashion details as well as deep tones. The aged look will also attract your attention, as well as colors reminiscent of the countryside and nature. Instead of sharp lines, the camera should reflect the personality of a man, a little wild but elegant.

Luxury style

Luxurious room

In addition to mixing the old with the new, there is another element that draws your attention to the ultimate luxury. Leather, satin sheets and thick pillows can give them the feeling of being kings in your palace. This will create an extremely relaxing environment for a man’s bedroom. Black, gray, white or cream and dark brown or beige will create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.

The best color options for men

When you consider what each color represents in terms of psychology, it makes sense that they might be attracted to some.

Blue shades

Elegant soft blue and gray room

Peace of mind is important in a place of rest. After a long day at the office, there is no more blue space to help reduce stress. What the men prefer darker colorsConsider a light blue with light accents.

Browns and lands

The fourth natural color

Although brown is not the preferred color among men, it is a ideal background for an elegant bedroom. Brown is gender neutral and there are also so many shades that you can mix and match with wood.


Black and white room

White is a clean slate, which offers the opportunity to decorate with a large number of colors. Consider a off-white that is not as bright and use a few dark elements to soften the light hue. Use dark curtains with even darker bedding and complete them with a piece of art

Black and combinations

Black wall room

Black is the polar opposite of white and creates a calm space that suggests night, sleep and romance. Pair it with bright accents: red and white elements, light wood and blue, red or gray bedding.

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