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Raffle winners SOPROLE requetepatitas ✓ 【Contest 2021】

Raffle winners SOPROLE requetepatitas ✓ 【Contest 2021】

Requetepatitis It is one of the most anticipated contests for children and, starting today, this promotion is still in force, so if you participated, you will definitely want to know if you were one of the lucky winners. Do you want to check it?, here we will teach you to see it in simple steps.

List of winners Soprole Requetepatitas

This is the most anticipated contest for children and adults who want to surprise one of their children with a stuffed animal. Requetepatitis, because they are incredible stuffed animals, beautiful and with multiple legs, that’s why it’s called.

Being part of this raffle is simple, because we have more options to participate, because in the vast majority of desserts and milk soprola Promotional codes have been included that will allow you to enter the raffle.

If you have already entered your contest data, as well as your personal details, and if you have entered codes attached to the promotion, to find out if you are one of the winners, you will need to do the following:

Examine the 2021 winners for requetepatitas

  1. Enter the Requetepatitas website
  2. Go to the «Drawing» section
  3. Write the RUT you participated with
  4. Click on the search and voila! You will know if you are one of the winners.

Promote Phono Requetepatitis Soprole Survey

In addition to being able to see the winners of the stuffed animals, you can also find out if you have won a prize by mail, as they should also contact you by this means, so that you can check your inbox and thus to know if they were one of the winners, because the ones we can see on the site are the daily winners.

If you have questions about the winners and this raffle, I invite you to read the rules of the Soprole requetepatitas contest and you can also contact us by phone with a phone set up by the contest managers, so that everyone who participates and has doubts can be communicated without problems.

The telephone number for doubts and questions is: +562 2714 6199, participate from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00, this is a great alternative to know whether or not you were one of the lucky winners of the cute stuffed animals that Soprole sorts.

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