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Quickly switch between modes when using wireless projection in Windows 10

Cambiar rápidamente entre modos al usar Wireless Projection en Windows 10 1

When you project the Windows 10 screen on an external screen, it’s not just because you have a professional job. Wireless protection It can be used for many reasons, including games, video viewing and the obvious work scene. The biggest challenge was that when you want to change modes, you’ll need to log out of the session and reconnect.

How to use wireless protection in Windows 10

Starting with Windows 10 v1809, when you wirelessly design your Windows 10 computer, you’ll have a control banner at the top of the screen. This is similar to the desktop remote control you can see in the session.

The banner provides information about the status of your connection. You can use it to quickly disconnect or reconnect to the same session, but adjust the connection according to what you do. Simply put, Windows will optimize latency to make sure you don’t have a slow experience.

This option is available in Setup. Click on it and you will have three options.

  • Game mode: Around here will minimize screen latency . This will improve the game through a wireless connection.
  • Video mode: This will increase the latency from screen to screen to ensure smooth video playback.
  • Productivity modes: This is between game mode and video mode. It ensures that the screen latency is sufficient to keep your writing in sync, and your videos don’t crash too often.

This works with any wireless solution, including projector, Miracast, etc. When you do this, make sure that you are not really far from the device. No matter how well they work, wireless projection works when they are within optimal range.

I will always recommend that you use wireless projection on only one screen and not both, unless needed. Although it may work well when using the work mode, it may be too much for the device to be displayed simultaneously on the computer and on the TV screen.

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