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PWGen: Create cryptographically secure passwords or passwords

PWGen: Cree contraseñas o frases de contraseña seguras criptográficamente 3

Today, everyone should have an extra layer of security for their online accounts. Whether it’s a social media account, an e-mail account, or an Internet bank account, it’s essential to set an extremely strong, hard-to-guess password or password to protect yourself from cyberattacks. on the Internet. Unfortunately, many still use passwords such as qwerty123, password123, my name and date of birth, etc. Most of these passwords are very easy to remember, but they may not be strong enough to protect your account. This is where third-party password generators come in. If you’re a Chrome user, you can use the built-in password generator, or you can opt for a standalone password generator, such as Freeware PassBox or PWGen .

Create strong passwords or passwords

PWGen is a great third-party password generator that is available for free. Although there is no information on availability or compatibility on the official PWGen website, you can also use this software on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 without any problems. However, while testing this software, it crashed for a short time, the first time I ran it on Windows 8.1 – a minor annoyance.

PWGen features

PWGen has very useful features. Here is its list of features:

  • Create a password using multiple conditions

  • Support for multiple character sets

  • Password only for characters, password only for words, etc.

  • Save passwords in a text file

  • Create a profile for different types of passwords

  • Encrypt / Decrypt the clipboard

  • Use the keyboard shortcut to open PWGen

It has more useful features. But, you have to use it to get them all.

How to create a strong password using PWGen

This is very easy because the user interface is undeveloped. At first, download PWGen and install it on your computer. When installing this software, you will have the option Save the program settings ( to the program folder instead of the% APPDATA% folder .

By default, it collects all files in the% APPDATA% folder. If you want to store all program settings in the program folder, you will need to check Save program settings (PWGen.ini) in the programs folder instead of the% APPDATA% folder .

You can also create a desktop shortcut during installation.

After running the free program, the following screen will open.

Now you can configure it according to your needs. Provides various options, character sets, number of words to create the password. The first option is Character set . Multiple sets can be used.

: A … Z

a … z

<09>: 0 … 9

: 0 … 9, A … F

: 0 … 9, a … f

/ font color = »#fefefe «> # high ANSI characters

wWw.Subs-Team.Tv P resent a.

To create a password, just select the length of the password you want to have and the character set.

The second option is Include words . You can add words to passwords. By default, it provides a list of words, which works well. However, if you have custom word lists, you can enter them here. You can enter up to 100 words in your password.

The last option is Format the password . You can choose multiple formats to create a strong password.

There are several formats such as% {% 6A% L% d%}. Each format helps users create a different password. The following image can tell you about formats.

PWGen: Create cryptographically secure passwords or passwords 2

After setting everything according to your needs, press the button Generate . You will receive the password in the box Generated password . Below the Generated Password box is a status bar. This status bar indicates the strength of the password.

This way, you can create a password at a time. If you want to create 5 or 10 passwords at a time, click the button Generate , found under the box Format the password .

PWGen: Create cryptographically secure passwords or passwords 3

Instead of using your name, date of birth, pet name, etc. As a password, it is much better to use a password generator, which can create a strong password or passphrase.

You can download PWGen from Here .

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