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Pull the lock

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The locks and the parts that make it up can take different names depending on the space of the geography in which it is located.

handle lock is an example of this, because in some parts of the world the handle is called a handle, not to be confused with the three-point lock, which creates some confusion for those who are preparing to purchase this type of lock.

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Although the confusion grows with certain types of locks called pull locks, despite the fact that at no time are they pulled or pulled, as is the case T-type locks, in which if you have to drag them to activate them.

Not only that, there is door handles, which are only used to pull them, but have no lock.

buttons and handlesButtons and handles

In this way, something to consider is which lock is actually wanted and which is not.

Therefore, we show you all the locking devices that exist and you can choose the locking device that best suits your needs.

The locking puller or locking puller is the question

The confusion does not stop with pull lock,
And it is something that can confuse more than one, so that we can better understand it, we will describe each one and you will choose the one you want.

Pull the lock

It is known as the locking device lock buttonsYou just have to press a button and the slide is released so that the door of a cupboard or a drawer of a drawer can open.

They are very easy to recognize, install and, above all, use.

door latchesDoor locks

Pulling lock

most of them the locks have a handlebecause, of course, how could we open it if it’s not with a shooter.

You will say the key.

But we can’t always use a key or we don’t always need a door to have a key.

handle lockPull the lock

Known as through the doors, used only to divide spaces.

handle or handleIt is an important part of the lock, whether it is the car lock that has a handle to open the door, even the front door.

The handles may be round, such as buttons, lever-shaped handles to open with little force to one side, T-type handles from which you must pull in order to operate the mechanism.

door handlesDoor handles

Thus the niche of extraction locks, because the lever, button, or knob can be called as pull lock.


door handles They are not the same as the handle locks, this should be clear.

Door handles are accessories that work separately from the lock.

They are used in high traffic doors, such as the doors of a large room, shopping mall, building, house or bank.

They are intended to serve as a fastener, a very clear example of door handles can be found in most glass doors or crystal.

sliding door handlesSliding door handles

Because, in order to be able to hold the door, it is best take from the shooters either open it or close it, because no one wants to have a glass door with hundreds of marked hands, so a handle is the best accessory a door can have to open it.

Although, they are not only placed on glass or crystal doors, but are also placed on wooden or iron doors, because in this way the door can be held while the key is open or simply to give an elegant note. a great gate.

Learn how to change the handle lock

locks they are prone to damage over time and, using them every day and every moment, it is easy for them to decompose.

Normally they are not damaged at all, sometimes only the button, the handle or the handle are damaged, you tell it as you want.

outer door handle

In this case, it is possible to repair it, if you do not want to spend money on a new lock.

handle locks They are prone to so much wear on the sliding handle and the mechanism may not work well, therefore we will show you how to fix it.

3. Repair the handle or the handle

For repair the locking handle You will need some tools that you definitely have at home, here we show you what they are:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • A piece of aluminum foil
  • Allen key

Now let’s see step by step how to repair the slippery handle in a few steps.

  • First of all, we need to remove the gaskets, these are the metals that give the padlock an aesthetic note, between the combination of the handle and the door, hiding the inside of the padlock.
  • Some are threaded, some are screwed and some are pressed, the first are removed by rotating the ornament. The seconds are removed by removing the screwdrivers with the screwdriver. And the latter are removed by removing them with a flat or flat screwdriver, taking care not to scratch the door.
  • Now it’s time to remove the handle, they are attached to the square with a hex screw, which you can remove with an Allen key.
  • By removing the screws, we can remove the handle or the handle and here comes the trick.
  • The handle does not act square, because there is sliding, so what we will do is reduce the hole of the handle.
  • To reduce the hole we will use only aluminum foil, give the one used in the kitchen, but if you do not have recycled paper, it is worth it.
  • To do this, insert a layer in the hole of the ornament and with a screwdriver press on one side of the hole, the idea is that the square is tight when you insert the handle.
  • Try to place the handle on the square, if it fits and is tight, put the retaining screw and place the gaskets.

All right, it’s so easy to fix a locking handle, and while it’s a very effective technique if you don’t want this problem to recur, we recommend changing the entire lock.