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PUK code: How to find out?


differential pin and puk

Mobile device users we are used to dealing with a large number of codes, passwords, keys and other elements which gives us access to the full use of our terminals.

Sometimes these codes go unnoticed until we are faced with a problem that requires their use. This is the case, for example, with the PUK code. Need your PUK code? We explain how to know it!

What is the PUK code?

Before going into details on how to recover it, it would be good to know what is PUK code and what is it for, right?

The acronym PUK represents the term Personal Unlock Code (which should be PUC, as it is also known depending on the area of ​​the world and the context).

It’s a number that plays a decisive role when I had some kind of incident with the PIN code and we face the situation of being forgotten or lost. In those cases where the mobile phone will be blocked due to repeated PIN errors, we will need PUK to get out of trouble.

which is the PUK code

When we enter the wrong PIN three times, the terminal locks, either the SIM card or both are locked. What can save us in this case is the knowledge of PUK. If we enter it, no matter how long the device (or SIM) has been locked, the terminal will return to its pre-lock state, so we will return to absolute normalcy.

But what is happening if we are wrong with PUK? Is there a chance that the mobile phone will be even more blocked? The truth is, yes. In this case we are not talking about three errors, but limit which is set for these rabbits is eight times.

It is quite difficult for us to enter the PUK eight times wrong, because if we see that it is not correct the first or second time, we should stop immediately. What will happen if we enter PUK incorrectly 8 times in total, the device will be locked permanently and forever. In this case, to recover the mobile phone we should insert another SIM card.

How to get PUK code?

Now yes, let’s move on to the topic: Don’t know where to get the PUK code? Don’t worry, because it’s something quite common that usually happens often.

We will tell you about 2 faster modes:

  1. The first thing we need to do is check if we still have the SIM card cover which we also use in their documents. In them both the PIN code and the PUK code appear, so this is the easiest way to retrieve the code.
  2. We all know that we normally throw such papers in the trash and don’t keep them. In this case you will have to consult directly with our operator or on our online line.

For get the code onlineIt will depend on whether your operator has this information accessible on the network.

From the portals of operators such as Vodafone, Movistar, Orange or similar, you will need to identify yourself with your user account and access the information corresponding to your line. Access your mobile line profile and search for «PUK code» options. For example, with Orange it is like this:

how to get PUK code

The other way, as I commented before, is through our operator. The PUK code is not easy to give, but you will have no trouble getting it by calling your mobile service provider. They will ask you for some information to confirm your identitybecause it is a code that is always well protected.

They may ask you for your date of birth or even a credit card number or similar. The point is, you can you know for sure you ask to have the PUK code delivered to you.

In some cases, they will require you to enter the SIM card serial number, so you may need to disassemble your mobile phone to remove it.

How is the PUK code used after it is found?

The process begins with incorrect PIN entry three times. For some reason, I forgot and confused it and couldn’t turn on the phone effectively.

At this point, what we need to do, as I mentioned earlier, is locate PUK and do the following:

  1. When I located we will enter PUK on the screen.
  2. If it is correct, our next step will be reset your PIN. The mobile takes into account the fact that if we arrived at PUK, it is because we forgot the PIN code, so it will not put us in the situation of having problems with it again.
  3. That’s why we will do it change the PIN code to a new one, and try to remember it from now on, so that, as far as possible, we do not find ourselves again in the face of the need to enter PUK (because it is always something that worries you, given the way it brings us closer to possible complete blocking of the terminal).

how to use PUK code

What is the difference between PIN and PUK?

This is another problem that many users face: the discord between the codes we use to unlock the mobile phone. The difference is simple and easy to understand.

  • We use the PIN code as a way to unlock your mobile phone nowadays without any misfortune involved. It serves as a form of security and protection against the possibility of outsiders using our device.
  • On your side, PUK is the ransom code that allows us to recover our phone if I left it locked by entering the incorrect PIN three times. In reality, the difference, no matter how confusing, is clear.