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PSA: Beware of this new package delivery scam

PSA: Beware of this new package delivery scam

They instructed us to wait and be careful spam emails. But now, scammers send realistic-looking text messages (like the one above) that present themselves as package delivery and delivery companies, such as FedEx.

Upgrade: In the months since the initial posting, a new package delivery scam has been circulating. The main difference between the most recent SMS phishing attempt and the one seen above is the addition of the recipient’s name. The scammer probably thinks that adding personal information could make the message seem more official, increasing the chances of the link being opened.

Taking a step back and analyzing the text message is easy detects that it is a scam. First, the phone number appears to be someone’s personal number. Second, the sender never identifies himself or the messenger. Third, the link URL seems suspicious and unofficial. And finally, the grammar of the text message is not read as if it were from a legitimate source.

As detailed below, it is never safe to touch or click on links that come from senders you are unfamiliar with. If a message ever seems suspicious, it’s best to report and block the number and delete the message.

Recipient name Scam of the text message package

It’s not the first time spammers have used texting to send fake messages, but It seems that more people I receive this specific parcel delivery scam message. As the recipients of one of these attacks, we decided to open the link and see what is being shared. US NOT We recommend that you open the message or click on any link. Instead, you have to to block immediate to send and delete the message.

After clicking on the link, you are directed to an obviously fake Amazon list and you are asked to take part in a customer satisfaction survey. Thank you for answering a few questions, you are given the opportunity to claim a free «expensive» product as a reward.

FedEx Link survey on fake spam and claim reward

Now it’s time to tell spam where you live and give them a credit card number. As you can see, the «reward» is free, but you still have to pay a small shipping and handling fee.

The real scam is the small print. By agreeing to pay a small shipping fee, you also sign up for a 14-day trial period for the company that sells the fraudulent products. After the trial period, you will be charged $ 98.95 each month and a new delivery for any item you claim will be delivered as a reward.

Fake link billing and fine print of FedEx spam links

Again, you should never click on a link that you think is spam. And if you accidentally open the link, you should never enter your credit card number or provide personal information to the site.

Take a look at the tweet below if you think you’re good at identifying fake and real send messages. One of the screenshots is a message identical to the one I received, and the other is a legitimate shipping notification.

If you have become the target of these types of spam messages, we recommend lock the number of right now. users of iPhone Yes Android They have access to built-in blocking tools that should help reduce the number of fake messages.

Be safe there!