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Procedures How to pay tolls in Portugal – Complete step-by-step guide for tourism When planning a trip with your own vehicle, you should …

Procedures How to pay tolls in Portugal - Complete step-by-step guide for tourism When planning a trip with your own vehicle, you should ...

When planning a trip in your own vehicle, you need to consider several things, such as; a map at your disposal and if you plan to travel to Portugal, you also need to to know how tolls are paid in that country, because the payment of the tax is very different from what is known.

Portugal is a very attractive country for foreigners, which is why the following article will show you the steps you need to follow. use and pay tolls in that country.

What kind of taxes are there in Portugal?

In Portugal it exists two types of tolls on its different highways, these fees are as follows, so take the necessary notes:

Electronic fee

It is a method that has been applied in this country in recent years, this method works like radarsIn other words, chamber springs are installed on highways.

post to pay the tax in Portugal

These cameras read the vehicle’s number plates to collect the toll from surface drivers without the need for them to stop on the road. To use this type of tax, the driver must subscribe to a payment method in addition to the vehicle registration.

Manual fee

Another type of toll on motorways in Portugal is the manual or traditional toll. On motorways using this type of toll, you can pay in cabins with: Visa card, cash or VIA-T, but to use the latter payment method you must first check with your bank so that they can allow use in Portugal. It is good to check if the website of the bank you are going to enter is fake.

What are the tax payment methods in Portugal?

To cancel tolls in Portugal, you can do so with any of the following methods:


EASYtool is a very easy way for visitors to pay their tax in Portugal. To use this form of payment you should look at starting highways that use electronic tolls an exit where you have to go through a car where you have to insert a credit card in order for it to be affiliated with your registration.

prices to pay the tax in Portugal

The car in which you entered the card will give you a ticket that you must keep while you are in Portugal in case you have a problem with the payment of electronic taxes. When associating the card with the registration of your vehicle, you must pay 0.74 euros, in addition to the tax you will also have to pay a cost additional 0.32 euros which corresponds to administrative expenses. This form of payment was only valid for one month.

For people entering Portugal on different routes, they can join this payment method on the web. This form of payment works for all old SCUT parts which are marked as «electronic charging only».


It is a card of limited use, ie you can only use it for two or three days, it can be obtained online, stores such as gas stations, airports or C / TT mail. This card is priced at 20 euros in addition to an administrative fee of 0.74 euros for each of the securities. TOLLService is one of the most used payment methods because it works for all old SCUT routes.

tax for foreigners


This is a form of electronic tax payment for foreigners who will be in Portugal for a long timeAs they are valid for one year, these cards can be obtained at petrol stations, at the Portuguese post office. This card is priced at 5, 10, 20.40 euros, this price does not include 0.74 euros from the administrative fee and is used for all old SCUT routes that are marked as «electronic charging only».

The green way

This form or payment system is intended for people who are going to have a long stay in Portugal or for people who want to use both types of fees. This payment consists of a rented device which links your registration number to your bank account and this device allows you to use any charge with the price of the fee you pass.


For people who use the tax in Spain and use Via-T it is much easier, because you just have to let the company know that you are in Portugal, so that this form of payment also works in that country.

What is the average price of tolls in Portugal?

Tariff prices in Portugal depend on the car category and the route you take, because there are some that are not expensive and others that are, these rates range from 6.00 euros to 9.00 euros for every 100 km traveled by a vehicle on one of the highways. You can go by calculating the price through the distance, ie the kilometers traveled.

payment and charging point

Is it possible to pay taxes after using them?

Drivers often access an electronic toll road and do not pay with any of the payments indicated above, this error can be corrected In other words, you can pay the fee for using it, but this will depend on the fact that not all tariffs in Portugal apply to the same company or company.

There are different companies that deal with roads and each one works in a different way, there are companies that do it allows cancellation of the fee after use and other companies that do not. Companies that allow subsequent cancellation only accept payment through a MultiBank.

You should check the website of each company if it allows you to cancel after you have passed the fee.

If you used the A28 «Porto to Viano do Castelo», use the Payment Fees page.

If you had gone through A25 «Vilar Formoso A Aveiro» A24, 1 uses the Ascendi official website.

If you have passed through the A23 or A4, you can pay here only after 48 hours.

What fines can be imposed if the corresponding tax is not paid?

Cancellation of the corresponding toll payment in Portugal will result in a fine, This fine is 10 times the amount of the ticket you did not cancel, has a minimum of 25 euros if the fee is lower than that figure. It is a myth that these fines never reach, in recent years they reach in most cases, which is why we recommend that you cancel the taxes with any of the methods mentioned.