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PowerPoint How to create PowerPoint presentations seamlessly – quickly and easily The design possibilities are colossal because they link to …

PowerPoint How to create PowerPoint presentations seamlessly - quickly and easily The design possibilities are colossal because they link to ...

The design possibilities are colossal, because they are related to the imagination, there is born the impossibility of immediate creation. So many options overwhelm and make us hesitate about creating, starting and developing our project. Wandering between adding animation to the slide or turning it as sober as possible can leave us locked into our PowerPoint design process.

How to choose a good PowerPoint presentation template?

Need Create seamless PowerPoint presentations, and for them we are going to address crucial design elements on this platform; they are the basis on which the creative and practical building is based, leaving complexity aside. So, we will only have to worry about issues like the style of music we want to insert in a slide.

The key is to take into account the central element of the presentation, ie the theme. Based on the theme, we can choose a good template, because the theme will be the leader of the creative and design process. The infinity of the patterns makes us wander, but taking a clear north we can choose without hesitation.

Do not close, everything can be changed. If we assume the previous premise as an invariable law, we will have problems. For example, if we want to create or create a synoptic table, we will only look for the templates we create are the most suitable, which leads us again to digression. Taking the subject as a guide is just the beginning; Each template may undergo reorganizations and edits in its appearance.

Modification as the best help. Since we can change our template, any style and design becomes good, but we must remember that there are styles more suitable than others for certain topics. There are elements that deserve a minimalist aesthetic to enhance the content; Just as there are themes that deserve an extravagant design to attract the viewer’s attention.

But the change will almost always be present, so we should not worry too much about choosing a good PowerPoint presentation template, we can assume that all are good if we take in advance the premise that we will change what we do not like during trial.

Don’t think too much. This seems cliché and almost impossible, because our minds tend to work hard when we consider something important. This makes us lose ourselves in the seas of constructed possibilities and negativities. Half of the negatives we see in templates are created by our predisposition to rejection. It happens to all of us that we throw and throw and, in the end, we take the least expected.

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What can I do to insert new slides into a presentation?

The first thing will be to open the PowerPoint interface. Being inside, we need to locate the cut, that is the place in the presentation where we will introduce the new slide. Once we have located the space, we will select the start window.

Already inside the start window we will click on the section from «New slide». We will see how a series of options are broken down in which we are shown prefabricated models for insertion. We take the most convenient one and move on to editing or completing.

If we choose a design with a text box attached above, we use it and add the relevant information; although, in general, many opt for empty formats where the text box is added manually.

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If we don’t like our work, we can remove the newly added slide. All we have to do is right-click on the slide, but in the side pane, that is, on the thumbnail panel on the left side of the screen, and there we will click on «delete slide». Once you’ve done that, we can insert a slide back into the presentation.

What is the correct way to add text to my PowerPoint slides?

The right thing to do is to do it using text boxes. Now, it is recurring that the default template formats bring text boxes, which are a basis, a guide and a shortcut for adding text, because we just need to complete them. But in unison they can be a limitation of the creative process.

In this case, the correct way would be by using user-drawn text boxes. For this reason, blank slides, ie without text boxes, are ideal for adding text, but this will depend on the user, his tastes, needs and desires.

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To add text to slides, we need to go to the home tab, where we go to the insert section, we will click on the text section. A pop-up window will be displayed, inside it we will do this click «text box». Inside our slide, we will mark the location or site where we will add our text box, once this is done, we just need to add the appropriate text.

If the text exceeds the font and line spacing limits, the placeholder will reduce the font size of the text as it is added. To avoid it, we just have to do it grab one of the dotted edges and expand the text box space. Always taking into account a correct check of the spelling and grammar of what is written.

In this order of ideas we must evoke this there are particular situations and cases. One of them, by adding text to shapes, block arrows, flame balloons, squares and circles, sometimes contain text; When we attach text to it, it becomes part of it, which means that it will rotate and move with the figure, because it is part of its entirety.

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How do I add transition effects to different slides?

The visual and harmonic effect that occurs between the passing of one slide and others is what we commonly call a transition. To add transition effects, the first thing is to select and / or choose the slide, which will usually be all at a presentation with harmony and parity.

Transitions tab

We will click inside this tab, we will see how a wide range of options is displayed, after we have chosen the one with the greatest taste, we will go further, however remember that we can choose to preview.

Details to be defined

Given the preview of the transition, we can add details, in the details space to be defined.

Select «Effect Options»

In this prelude we can select the nature and direction that our transition will take. Let’s remember in the same way we can click on «preview» and analyze its appearance. As well as detailing the duration of the transition.

How do I add songs to PowerPoint presentations?

Audio or music is a support item for increases the attention on the approached subjectHowever, we need to make sure that he does not become a distraction agent. To add songs to presentations, just do the following.

Press the desired slide

We need to go to the slide that will start the audio sequence, for this we are guided with thumbnail bar which is on the left side of the screen.

Click the «Audio Button»

Now you have to go to the «Insert» tab, there we will specify the «audio button». Where a pop-up window will be displayed where we have to choose.

«Audio from file» or «Audio recording» option

Being the pop-up window, we see that it is possible to add a previously obtained and saved sound, ie an «Audio from file»; or we can choose the «Record sound» option if we want to complete an explanation or an informative sound that accompanies the presentation. Once selected and uploaded. We complete the process iEnter and accept in the pop-up window.

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What should I do if I need to change the audio on a slide?

The initial step is to click on the sound iconography, ie the audio icon. Let’s go to the «Audio Playback Tools» section. If we want to cut the sound, click on the «Cut» option, then continue to make the cuts to your personal taste. It is possible to add the so-called blurring effect, it is attached to the audio output or input as an element of aesthetic transition in the presentation.

In turn we can change the sound intensity, just press the «Volume» button and detail the intensity of the preference. It’s just as important to detail how audio starts, which is why it would turn it on when you do a slide show. To program it, we will click on the drop-down arrow icon; where we will choose between «Click sequence», «Automatic» or «Click».

It is also possible modify or program the style of play, ie we can choose between «Play on all slides», «Repeat play until paused» or «Background play».

How do I save a PowerPoint presentation to my computer?

The first thing to do is click on the «File» section in upper left corner. There will be a series of options, where we will click on «Save». There will be a pop-up window asking for the path, ie the place where the file will rest. Once specified, assign a title to the file and click «Save».

Remember that once saved, post-archive editions will not be part of it, if we want any changes to be updated, we need to click the direct save icon, represented at the top left of the worksheets, with the iconography of a memory card.