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PowerPoint How to convert a Power Point document to Word – Guide without programs In essence, there are two types of applications that are very …

PowerPoint How to convert a Power Point document to Word - Guide without programs In essence, there are two types of applications that are very ...

In essence, there are two types of applications that are very important because we use them to carry out the most necessary activities nowadays. These are Word and PowerPoint, these two are excellent applications that allow users to perform endless actions due to all the benefits and tools they offer. In turn, Word is a platform where we can write documents that we can send or print. In addition, it allows you to do other things, such as programs. While PowerPoint is a great tool for developing the best presentations.

Below we will show you the best way to do this, without having to download a specific program.

How does the Office, PowerPoint tool work?

It should be noted that PowerPoint is an application that allows you to make all kinds of presentations that can be used to distribute different types of teachings.

Among the best advantages you get is the fact that the exhibitions can be presented dynamically, with sound and texts included.

convert the Powerpoint document to Word

It also helps you easily and quickly create presentations with a specific command. We can also make leaflets or brochures. But its main function is focus and don’t get distracted when presenting any type of topic and its various tools to insert any example.

What do we need to be able to export a PowerPoint document to Word?

It is necessary to have already finished the presentation that we want to export to the other application. You also know which office you need to be able to perform the procedure correctly based on our version. Finally, you need to have the Word application open.

What is the procedure for converting a PowerPoint presentation to a Word document?

When using these tools, we need to know a few instructions that you need to follow to do the desired procedures correctly. For this, it is necessary to know the indicated way to do this for each type of version, because it is not a secret that users can reach use different versions. Based on the ones they like the most or seem the most comfortable. What are the following:

Using Office 2007

To do this in this version you must have the presentation open which you want to export. We enter it and go to the top where the Microsoft Office button appears.

Powerpoint and Word program guide

By doing so, we will see how a small menu is displayed, in this we must press the button that says «Publish», in this new section we will click on «Create documents in Microsoft Office Word».

We will see a new window in which several options will appear they will help us visualize the way we want to export our presentation. If you only want to enter the text and order, you can click on the last one that says «Scheme only», but it’s up to you. Finally, click on accept and you’ll see how Word opens with your presentation.

From the Office 2010

To do this from a 2010 version, you need to be in the presentation and go to «File», then click where it says «Save and send», where more options will appear, you will need to click Types of files. Where then you will click on create document and create document for Microsoft Word. Then tap create documents again, then you will be able to choose the layout of the page you want to continue clicking on paste, accept. Where you will have to reselect paste the link and accept.

In newer versions of Office

If you have a newer version you will have to do the following: Open the presentation to enter the files section, click where it says «Export». In this area you will select where it says «Create document», to click «Create documents in Microsoft Word» and to create documents again. Next, you need to choose the design for which you want the presentation to appear in Word. Finish by pressing paste and accept, then paste the link and accept again.

convert the PowerPoint file to word

What other actions can you take when exporting PowerPoint files to Word?

By being able to export our presentation, you can edit it with Word, as it offers a large number of tools. One of them is to correct our mistakes, because it has a built-in automatic corrector. We can adjust it to deliver a physical document when printing, we can edit the font style and size. Add different formulas of any type and images. Another great option is to be able to turn the document into a PDF so that it is better presented.

Common problems exporting PowerPoint files to Word and how to fix them

It usually happens that when the presentations made are very long, the conversion can take a long time, reaching Error message. Do that too

The process consumes a large amount of memory, being larger, the more difficult it is to process, if you receive an error, what you can do is to restart again to reopen PowerPoint, doing so will free up memory.

Another way you can do this is export two sections of the presentation, if it is too long to speed up the process, change the Word page in the landscape so that the information is better viewed. Finally, when exporting, try not to have other unnecessary programs open.