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PowerPoint How to Automatically Play a Video in PowerPoint – Complete Guide PowerPoint is considered the best tool to be able to do any kind of …

PowerPoint How to Automatically Play a Video in PowerPoint - Complete Guide PowerPoint is considered the best tool to be able to do any kind of ...

PowerPoint is considered the best tool to make any type of presentation. In these presentations we can add a variety of tools which will allow us to look more striking. Among them you can add animated GIFs and videos.

These videos are useful for explain the topics better to the public, to whom it will be presented. But there is only one way to add videos, so we’ll show you everything you need to know about it.

What are the requirements to automatically play a PowerPoint video?

This application has become one of the most necessary programs for students and workers. Because this allows us to present any type of information in a comfortable way. But to make these presentations is necessary does various processes and implement various tools to attract public attention.

In essence, videos become our best ally to demonstrate different types of information. Likewise, they allow the public pay more attention to the subject which will be discussed, making sure that each person understands the subject.

The main requirements In order to play the videos, it is clearly necessary for the PowerPoint application to be downloaded correctly to our computer. With the video you want in the presentation, all you have to do is click on it to select it. To place it later in auto play.

select a video in powerpoint to play

But always make sure that your PowerPoint is the most up-to-date version, because this type of process works best in the latest versions.

How do I automatically play a PowerPoint video from the internet?

There is already a wide variety of videos which can be very useful when adding new things to your presentation. Also, using a YouTube video will be more convenient to add.

Search for videos on YouTube

The first step is to know which video we want to integrate into the presentation, to do this you just need to do this enter your browser and on the YouTube page. Once on YouTube, search for the topic you want to present and watch the videos. When choosing the one you like best, you’ll just need to copy the link or address of that video.

Enter in the PowerPoint presentation

Once you’ve copied the video you want to add. All you have to do is go to PowerPoint and go to the tools where it says ‘Enter’ then we go to the box that says «Video». When you do this, a small menu will be displayed in which you will have to select “Video from the website now you need to paste the video link in the area that appears. When you add it, finally tap where it says «Insert»

Click the «Play» and «Auto» tab

Then we have to go to the part of «Play» that is in the top ribbon of PowerPoint.

play a video using powerpoint

In this tab we will see the drop down menu and to get started, we’ll press the one that says «Automatic» in the list in that area.

How to play PowerPoint video on the big screen automatically?

It is also possible to play the video, which can be viewed on the entire screen of the device while the presentation is in progress. If you just want it to be displayed in full screen and the video starts automatically, you can shoot the video frame in the gray area outside the slides. Obtain that this is not displayed on the slide.

The first step is to go to the top PowerPoint tools and select the «View» option. Select the first option that appears which is «Normal». Then select the video and tap the «Playback» section on the toolbar again. In this part you will see that it says «Full screen» where you will have to activate only the box in the box that appears next to the word.

When you perform this procedure, the video may be distorted so that it displays the video after you set it to I advise you that it looks good. If you want, with the help of PowerPoint, in addition to inserting videos, you can record your own video of a specific presentation, to have more content.

edit a video before playing it in powerpoint

What should I do to preview my PowerPoint video automatically?

The easiest way to do this is to right-click on the video so that different options appear, in which we will section the one in ‘Preview’.

Another way is to click on the video and go to the Playback section or where it says «Format» where you will need to click «Play» at the top of the screen. After checking that everything is correct, you can duplicate or join the slides to finish it.

How do I submit and edit my PowerPoint automatic video?

At the time of the correct presentation of the video of our presentation. You still owe correct some details, this is your time to do it. One of the corrections you can make is to adjust the volume, to do this you just need to go to the video tools in the options of the «Edit» section where you will click on the volume to be able to select different options such as: High, medium or low.

If you do not want this to be seen in full screen at the time of presentation, you can adjust it. To do this, simply press the size controller that goes in the corners of the video until a two-headed arrow appears. Then drag it to fit the desired size.