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PowerPoint How to Add Animations to PowerPoint Slides – Quick Tutorial It is important to know that within the PowerPoint slide program, …

PowerPoint How to Add Animations to PowerPoint Slides - Quick Tutorial It is important to know that within the PowerPoint slide program, ...

It is important to know that within the PowerPoint slide program there is 4 types of animations available, These are: input motion objects, accent animations, output motion objects, and trajectory animations, remember that Microsoft calls these animations «Input and Output,» the inputs are the ones that «bring» something to the slide, and at the exit, move objects out of it.

PowerPoint is one of the best tools available create slides for great presentations, If you still don’t know what it is about and you want to know what Power Point is and what it is used for or how to learn to make graphic animations in this post, we will show you the correct way to do it.

Also, to add animations to PowerPoint slides, you need to choose the desired object and then in «Animations» you need to add the desired effect, either input or output movements, already added, you can select it again and add other effects to the same object.

How many animation styles can I use in PowerPoint and how to find them

You have to remember that animations are not a decorative tool, rather they are a slide stand, with the intention of providing support at the time of the presentation and so you can make your explanation clearer and more striking.

When you create a slide, you can include all desired animations Because there are no limits to doing this, even PowerPoint allows you to add or insert an animated GIF, but keep in mind that it all depends on the ability of your team, because the more animations you add, the more you will use more resources. from the computer.

Also in general there are 4 types of animations, which are divided into: input, emphasis, output and trajectories. These animations are available from the PowerPoint program, there are more than 60 effects that you can add from this ribbon, not including those that you can add from external sources.

That is, from the ribbon animations tab, if you want any special animation or template, you can enter a website from your computer and download animation packages.

Ribbon animations tab

The animation tab is a tool located at the top of the program. Its main function is helps you visualize the tasks you need to do and also the order of your animations, because it allows you to reorder them quickly, you just have to drag them where you want, place them and you’re done.

How to know the functions of PowerPoint animations?

PowerPoint animations will help make your presentation more dynamic, causing greater receptivity among the public, remember that when you create slides you have no limits, you can even insert different types of shapes on a slide.

Green icons

In PowerPoint, green icons, are the input effects, These are used to make some hidden items or objects appear on the screen.

presentation with 3d animation

PowerPoint «yellow icons»

Yellow icons are the accentuating effectsThese are used to highlight, directly or indirectly, a specific item that appears on the screen.

«Red icons» function

Red PowerPoint Icons, are the output effects, its main function is to make an item or object disappear from the screen that was previously visible.

What should I do to order PowerPoint animations?

To sequence the effects on a slide and what you are appear in the correct order It’s very simple, to achieve it you just have to:

  • The first thing is preview the slide, just click where the animations are written and then in the previews, you will be able to see the order in which the effects will appear.
  • If you want to sort your effects, then you need to reorder the sequence, for this you need to click on the Animation Panel.
  • Finally, you need to click on «Preview» and there you will see the slide with the update of the new order.

What is the maximum number of animations I can add to a presentation?

A variety of effects can be added to a slide, but when applying multiple animation effects it is different, because after adding the first animation effect, if you want to include another, then the one that is already added will be replaced with the one that was recently included.