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Poly tubular locking

cerradura tubular poli

Policeman is a very recognized brand in the world locksmith and security For the home, this company is dedicated, as you can imagine, to the manufacture of locks, from tubular to electric locks and not only old locks, but also screws and locks.

As you can imagine, all sorts of tools for opening or maintaining a door closed Poly he makes it.

tubular poly lockPoly tubular locking

Poly tubular locks They are used and that is why today we will talk about them, although we will focus on the model of tubular poly lock.

How the tubular poly block works

If you want to know more about them, here we will show you how Poly tubular lock, and well, so you know how tubular locks work In general, the mechanism is similar in all.

In contrast to the cylinder locks usually, poly tubular locks They also have pistons, however, instead of having them linearly, they are arranged radially, ie in a circle.

tubular key

Becoming one of the safer interior locks which can be found because it consists of a simple but functional mechanism that allows the lock to be secure.

But it must be said, tubular locks
are vulnerable, although they are made in this intentional way, because if someone is locked on the other side of the door, the lock can be unlocked from the outside with one wire or another.

Poly tubular locks They are aesthetic and of a formidable quality, which makes them perfect for anything interior door, and if you want one of them, feel free to keep reading.

Advantages of the Poly tubular lock

  • The best thing about pole locks is the advantages of buying one of them.
  • It has an installation manual with everything you need to know to install the lock yourself and thus avoid paying a locksmith.
  • Includes templates.
  • The components work perfectly.
  • High quality materials, which makes them a more durable locks.
the image of a cylinder

How to install Poly tubular lock

Poly tubular locks I bring an installation manual with them, we recommend that you read it before you start opening holes in the door.

If you do not want to read it, we will show you here step by step what you need to follow to properly install the tubular pole lock.

But first, you know the tools you will need install Poly Lock.

7-pin tubular lock

Equipment and tools you will need to install the tubular lock

  • Roulette
  • Drill
  • 25 mm pallet tip
  • 55 mm crown or bucket drill
  • Alta «
  • Spline screwdriver
  • Graphite pencil
the price of door locks

Don’t leave out some goggles and gloves for increased safety, remember that your health is as important as the safety of your home.

Now yes, learn how to install a poly tubular lock with simple steps.

Mark the height of the keyhole

The first thing you need to do is a 90 cm high reference sign at one end of the door, as opposed to hinges, for this use the measuring tape and graphite pencil.

This first step is only necessary if the door has never had a lock.

Notice the paper mold

With the height sign ready, take the paper mold it brings Poly tubular locking, and the points where it will be drilled are highlighted.

Necessary step only if the door does not have a lock.

Drill with the drill

With the appropriate marks, the drill and the 55 mm bucket drill are used to make the hole in which the locking components will be installed, this hole must pass through the door from side to side.

Drill a hole in the front of the door with a 25 mm trowel rod to make the hole in the door latch.

how to open the tubular lockHow to open the tubular lock

It’s time to use the chisel

With the chisel you need to make a 3 mm notch in the front of the door, only with the shape of the front, so that it is uniform with the surface of the door.

Install the skid

In tubular locks the latch and the mechanism that activates the lock enters a kind of tube, it is time to install it in the front hole of the door.

Also, place the metal face and the appropriate screws to secure it.

Install and screw the buttons or handles

Now it’s time to insert the buttons, first we start with the outside, this is the one with the keyhole.

You have to be careful when inserting it, because they have to fit well in the hole that the slide has and, of course, the screws are in place.

Then the inside button is placed and the screws are placed.

It’s almost over, but something is still missing.

Don’t know what’s missing?

Yes, you have certainly noticed the hole in the frame where the slip is inserted when closing.

That hole is called the counter, so we’re going after it.

Make the slide slide

Using the same slide, mark right in the middle of it on the door frame with the pencil.

Then, take the square metal that does not seem to have a place in this installation yet and mark each of its edges over the mark you watched for sliding on the frame.

tubular key lockTubular key lock

You should mark both the edge and the inside and space for the screws.

After marking the front counter, use the chisel to make a hole about 15 mm deep, this is where the plastic box will enter and where the sliding will rest when the door is closed.

Also lower the shape of the front panel by 1 mm with the chisel, this will allow it to align with the surface of the door edge.

Now place the plastic box on the front worktop and screw it tight.

It only remains to prove that the door and Poly tubular lock it works perfectly and voila.

It should be said that there are a good number of models Poly tubular locks, in this case the installation of a model Poly tubular lock Quite classic, however, there are other models that have more accessories, with other measures, so it requires different steps for their installation, although it is, in the end, something very similar.