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PlayStation How do I change my PlayStation ID? – Requirements and procedure PlayStation has not allowed any changes or modifications to …

PlayStation How do I change my PlayStation ID?  - Requirements and procedure PlayStation has not allowed any changes or modifications to ...

PlayStation company did not allow changes or changes to the device ID. However, in the face of demand from users who persisted in obtaining this feature, Sony and PlayStation gave up.

In this sense, it is now possible change the PlayStation ID as many times as you want or need. Well, in one of the most recent updates, it was already possible to find the process of performing this action to change this identification.

For these reasons, we’ll explain how to change a PlayStation ID in addition to the information relevant to this change. In the same way, we will talk about the cost of performing this procedure and how friends should make to find the new ID.

You should know this before changing your ID

To get into context, ID is identification that your PlayStation device has in all multiplayer or online games. Likewise, this identification is associated and combined with the DLC and digital games that are purchased.

There is some information you should consider if you want to change the ID of a PlayStation. For example, on PS4, games can be damaged when performing this procedure.

These damages include loss of virtual money that’s what the game is about. The same goes for the elimination of all the trophies obtained. Although there are some games that allow you to change your ID without any problems.

Similarly, when you create a new PlayStation ID, you need to make sure it is comply with the terms and requirements from Sony. Because this is the company that owns the PlayStation brand.

Another possible problem you may encounter when making identity changes on a PlayStation is with old games. In this regard, games designed for PS3 or PS Vita they have no compatibility to a change of ID.

On the other hand, if an error occurs after changing the PlayStation ID you can return to the original. So, by following the steps that led to the change, you can restore the original PlayStation online ID again. Finally, please note that child accounts do not have the option to change an available ID.

Is the ID changed for all video games?

When the ID is changed, it applies to the entire device, in this case the PlayStation. Therefore, all games that said Play, will be affected by the change.

The process of changing the PlayStation ID can only be done from your computer or PS4. Starting with PlayStation 4, you need to go to where the settings or configurations are. But first, you need to remember to connect or set up your PlayStation to an internet network.

change the user's playback station

Then you have to go in Account management, There, the account information is opened for later entry in the profile. In this section you can see the online identification option, which you need to tap to open a box and keyboard. There you need to enter the new ID you want the PlayStation to display and then follow the instructions on the screen.

On the other hand, on a computer, you need to enter the browser to search the web for Sony users. In this part, you need to access the created PlayStation account or, in the same way, log in. Within the account must open the PSN profile found in the menu.

Later, press edit and then enter the online ID, the box where you need to enter the new identification opens here. To finish, you need to follow the steps indicated by the web to save the changes.

How much does it cost to change an ID if it’s not the first time?

Always change a PlayStation ID or ID first it will be absolutely free. It is a gift that the company gives, so that users can choose their identification name at will.

However, if you want to change your ID again, you must make a payment for the process. In this regard, 9.99 Euro is the amount of money that you have to pay in order to change your ID. But, if you are a PlayStation Plus member, the fee decreases, because the amount is 4.99 euros.

the account management option

So now you know, if you want to make this kind of change for the second or third time, you must make the payment. Remember that you need to create a PlayStation account so that you can have an ID and then change it.

Won’t my friends find me with the old ID?

PlayStation leaves your friends an option to meet your old ID for a while. This so you don’t lose touch with friends and other users during online games or matches. To wait for your friends to find you with your old or new ID, you can leave your PS idle, but not for long, as it may be damaged.

Therefore, when changing the ID, you need to activate the button to show the old ID to your friends. This option lasts only 30 days, After this time, your game partners should already find you with the new ID you created. Because, the identification must have already been shared or, in many cases, updated on its own.