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Photoshop How to view thumbnails of PSD files on your Windows 10 computer If you want to know how to view thumbnails of icons in …

Photoshop How to view thumbnails of PSD files on your Windows 10 computer If you want to know how to view thumbnails of icons in ...

If you want to know how view thumbnails of PSD file icons Photoshop on your Windows 10 computer will tell you what to do so you can view it quickly, which won’t take long.

Why doesn’t Windows allow PSD documents to be previewed on its icon?

Photoshop has its own format that makes it incompatible with Windows edit images and adding layers to them has two types of formats and these are:

  • PSD: The file for displaying conventional 16-bit images on the channel by default.
  • PSB: The file you have for large 32-bit documents per channel (HDR).

Pointing out the above, you already know that it is not easy, because by default it will not appear viewing PSD files on Windows 10. This is due to the incompatibility of the programs and it is therefore necessary to apply the following:

  • Check if you have a 16, 32, or 64-bit Windows Before performing the operation, for this you need to press the Windows key and pause simultaneously, also as another option, you can place the cursor on the icon «This computer» which is on the desktop of your computer and with the right button to exit the search for «properties» list, make sure you are the administrator and there you can see the bit capacity of the monitor.
  • We will show you the programs in which you can view the icons of the PSD files in Windows 10 in a simple and safe way.

Is it possible to change this Windows screen without external tools?

psd file preview

Try to check if there is a possibility display icons other than conventional ones with your version of Windows 10 doing the following:

  • Place your cursor on the «Windows icon» below
  • Once the cursor is positioned, use the mouse button to use the right mouse button
  • «System» selections
  • Find and select «advanced system settings»
  • I pressed «settings»
  • Locate «Visual Effects» there you will find 4 options including:
    • Let Windows choose the most advanced settings for your computer
    • Adjust to improve the look
    • Adjust for best performance

If your operating system is an older version, we recommend that you upgrade it and get the free upgrade to Windows 10 from the official Microsoft website.

What are the best programs to view the PSD file icons?

laptop illustration with programs

First, before you install any of these programs, we recommend that you disable Windows Defender security to avoid errors. There are a large number of programs, some of which succeed integrates harmoniously into the system Windows 10 and others that work the same, but externally or as non-integrated packages among them, we recommend:


It is a very popular free program as an image viewer, because it can view PSD icons in a simple way The program has some disadvantages because it does not allow a preview on the screen, ie you have to go to the folder, download the image file and then the program allows you to see the image once it is «in situ».

If you want to organize your thumbnails as images and use them later or have an alternative to file explorer, you can use IrfanView thumbnails, it is a tool that is included in the IrfanView package, and can be used in versions other than Windows 10 (always check compatibility).


Like all external programs, it has advantages and disadvantages, it is possible to determine its requirements, because it works very well with Windows Explorer, it has the possibility to preview the icons and if you have IrfanView, it is possible that disable some features from this program, you can download it in 32 and 64 bit versions.

As I indicated at the beginning, it has a disadvantage and among them are: Being a very limited image editor, because it has only brightness, contrast, range, rotation and image twisting.


It is a good option, because you do not necessarily have to work in the browser with this program can view all kinds of thumbnails (in common formats), including PSD. Another advantage is that it works in the background, ie it remains as an extension (without being it) in which it works in harmony with Windows.

Its disadvantage is different from the previous ones, because it is a paid program and offers only 14-day trials. It has a free version, but adds a watermark to both the extension and the icon.


Undoubtedly, it is an excellent viewing software, it is created to open image files and it has the capacity to view 150 different image formats. If you are able to install XnView as an add-on, you have access to the «GLF library» which has the ability to improve the image in accepted formats. And it has the ability to convert the image to another format and can be sent by mail.

If any of the programs we mention in this article among the other solutions we recommend don’t work for you, there may be an error on your computer, so the most effective solution is to reinstall or reinstall Windows 7, 8, and 10 without loss of data and files.