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Photoshop How to create a realistic water reflection effect with Photoshop – Photoshop Tutorial is a very useful tool when it comes to …

Photoshop How to create a realistic water reflection effect with Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorial is a very useful tool when it comes to ...

Photoshop is a very useful tool When editing our images, remember that through it we can produce incredible effects and we can even reach incredible places with only a small effect, you can also change aspects of the body, such as changing the color of the eyes and even adding people to our images. In short, it is a very useful and fun tool.

For people who have experience in editing photos, this is a fairly simple procedure, for those who are starting it may not be that great, but don’t worry. nor is it impossible Just select the image you want to edit, once you have the image, you need to choose the texture of the waves, this to recreate the effect of water waves.

You have to access the menu, then select Edit and here you have to choose where Transform is written, after doing this procedure, the last thing you select is Perspectives, this is done with in order to extend either of the two ends belowThis is so that the waves gradually increase at the bottom, when you have finished editing and the image is ready, you must press Enter to save all changes to the image.

landscape with photoshop water reflection

What should we have before designing the water effect in Photoshop?

Photoshop is a very versatile tool Because if you have a few photos that you want to touch or just feel like something is missing, with the photo editing app you can solve that problem, remember that you can add or simply remove a person or object from a photo, if you wish.

To achieve this effect, you will need to consider some details that are very important to get the desired result. The first thing to realize is that the photo we will edit is of high quality, if it is possible that there are some drops of water in them, if they do not have them, you can search the web for one that can be useful.

It is important that the selected image has a background color that don’t be white so that the drops are not lost due to low contrast.

Another detail to remember is canvas measurement in which we have to work, the most recommended is a canvas of 2020 x 2020 pixels, because it is large enough and this will help all the details to be easy to see.

follow the steps before the Photoshop effects

To create the water effect in Photoshop

Creating an effect in an image is not complicated and you do not have to be an expert to get good results. You need to follow these steps:

  • You must choose the photo you want to edit: It is important that the image you choose has a wide landscape and that the horizon is straight, so that when you edit the image, the effect on the water is credible.
  • Create an initial reflection: You need to crop the photo, but to do this, you need to extend the canvas of the image so that you know where the best place to cut is and so the image is not damaged.
  • Create reflection distortion: A distortion must be applied to the image, because if you apply the reflection first, it will be distorted because it will not have a good definition in the image.
  • Create water texture: In order for the image to look real, you have to create its natural texture in the water, that is, you have to recreate in the image those waves that water usually has, thus making the image will take more life.
  • Adjust the exact tone of the reflection: This step is very important, because the image must be given the exact tone of the color, so that it looks like a total real image, this is done using a layer adjustment layer and which is completed with a gradient mask.
  • Reduce end result: You should adjust the fabric so that you can cut exactly where you want and get a perfect image.

Remember that you can find many more fun effects To brighten up your images, you can even caricature a photo to add some fun to your photos.

The result of the image with photoshop effect

What effects can we use to complete water reflection editing in Photoshop?

On the official Photoshop page, you will find a wide variety of effects that you can use when editing an image, so that our photo looks super real among the most common that we can find:

Water splash

To achieve this effect, we will need only 3 simple steps. This effect consists in drawing small water droplets or agglomerations, the idea is that these drops look like islands or pieces of land on a map, they must be of different sizes and finally the style of the layer must be changed so that they look like water.

Electric storm

This effect allows you to recreate an image by adding different types of lightning to capture great photos of storms. These types of effects can be achieved using many different techniques, From reflecting the anger of mother nature or making it appear that a person has the ability to create rays, there are many options to improvise and thus create surprising images.

Rain drops

The intention of this effect is to mimic a drop of water, this is achieved through layer style settings. In general, the effect of water droplets simulates when several drops of water fall on a hot surface and the water tends to disperse.

image of woman with various photoshop effects

Liquid letters

The effect of liquid letters is ideal when customizing an image, you just have to take care of some details when editing the image, so that the result is as expected.

It is important that the image you choose matches the liquid letters well, remember that the image will be the background and more prominent will be the liquid letters, that’s why both combinations fit.

Water figures

The effect of water figures will help you complete your design, since you will be able to introduce surreal figures in the photo and in this way you put your imagination in flight.