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PC Tutorials What is a video and audio codec and what types of formats are there? How to install and update them

PC Tutorials What is a video and audio codec and what types of formats are there?  How to install and update them

Enjoying our movies on portals like Amazon Prime, Netflix or Disney + is very common, however, having the ability to project the screen of our Android mobile phone on Smart TV and also take advantage of our downloaded or online movies , in A excellent quality both in audio and video, it is very satisfactory.

Nowadays, enjoying any type of multimedia files on our computer is very simple, because there are several pre-installed applications on computers and be installed in app stores such as Softonic or Play Store, which allow us to enjoy the memories that our photos can bring us or to enjoy our favorite songs while performing any other task.

Because it is a relatively common function, such as inserting emojis on Twitter, we often do not know each of the parts that are used, as well as everything that needs to be done when you want to enjoy a video from our mobile phone, computers, tablets or even Smart TV

What is a codec?

If we dive into the word and its origin, the word codec has two aspects, the codec which refers to «encoding and decoding, which is» decoding «. It is a software that is responsible for encoding information of any kind, in this case multimedia files. , compressing them for your storage and subsequently decoding them for execution or visual joy.

The function of the codec is file compression so that its handling and sharing is faster and more efficient, making it one of the most important parts of any video, audio or image multimedia file.

It consists of compressing and decompressing files, compresses for greater malleability, and decompress to use it in the best quality, it is important to know the function and how it works, because if you do not have a really effective one, you could decompress the files in a very poor quality and you would do so. not to be able to enjoy them to their full splendor.

What types of formats are there?

Being part of the «software» category, there are several types of codecs, which are divided according to their usefulness, but we can highlight the following:

To play: These are the most common because their main goal is to work fast, compress and decompress in seconds, generally computers require them to play any type of multimedia file, they do not focus so much on the quality in which they can decompress, if not how fast I get pregnant.

To edit: Unlike the previous one, the main objective of codecs for editing is based on maintaining even the most intimate details of the audiovisual material we want to edit, because the higher the quality of the vision we can appreciate, the more great editing quality.which we can give to our file

Lost codec: It is a type of compression that, although it is really effective because it makes files easier, it manages to lose a lot of information during its execution, which can often be in quality or quantity of content.

Lossless codec: It makes compression a little more efficient, as it usually continues with very heavy files, but never loses the quantity or quality of the content.

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If you want to purchase an individual codec that players or publishers already include, it’s important to consider the features that each type of codec offers you, because if you want to, transport and edit videos that you yourself recorded at a high quality, a lossy codec will not be of any use, because you could lose a large amount of raw material.

One of the most popular among users is the K-Lite Codec Pack, which it brings with it a selection of codecs and filters which will help you use the one that suits you best according to your needs. Plus a filter repair and Media Player Classic included at no extra cost.